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RF Aluminum EAS Gate, Easy to install and use, Multi-Tag Detection, 8.2Mhz RF Frequency, Durable and lightweight, Suitable for Shopping Malls

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EAS Clothes Security Tag Systems are used in retail stores to help deter shoplifting by setting off an alarm when merchandise with a security tag attached is taken from the store without being properly deactivated or removed. Eas security tags are typically applied to clothing items and other expensive merchandise. They are designed to be difficult to remove and are activated by an electronic security gate at the store entrance. If a customer attempts to leave the store with a tagged item without deactivating it, the alarm will sound, alerting store personnel to the theft attempt.
Material Aluminum
Type EAS
Frequency 58kHz
Dimension 1525mm(H) x 400mm(W) x 35mm(T)
Input 110-220V AC,50-60Hz
Power 60W
Country of Origin Made in India
Detection Range 0.6m - 4 m(according to the label/tag you use)

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