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Reliable and secure, Easy to install and use, Superior range, , Multi-Tag Detection, 8.2Mhz RF Frequency, Minimal Maintenance, Suitable for Shopping Malls, Super Market and Retail Stores

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Material: ABS + Metal
Technology: Radio Frequency(RF)
Frequency: 8.2Mhz
Dimension: 1660mm(L) x 390mm(W) x 450mm(D)
Detection Range: 0.9-2M (according to the label/tag you use)
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EAS RF Security Gates are electronic security gates designed to detect and deter shoplifting. These gates are placed at store exits and Radio Frequency (RF) technology to detect items with RF tags. When an item with an RF tag passes through the gate, an alarm is activated. The alarm will sound and the gate will open, preventing the person from leaving the store with the stolen item. The gates also prevent people from entering the store without first passing through the security gate.

Application: Museums, Galleries, Retail Stores, Libraries, Shopping Malls, Warehouse

Material ABS + Metal
Technology Radio Frequency(RF)
Frequency 8.2Mhz
Dimension 1660mm(L) x 390mm(W) x 450mm(D)
Detection Range 0.9-2M (according to the label/tag you use)
Country of Origin Made in India
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