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Polyimide Self-Adhesive Barcode Labels, 19mm x 6mm

White Plain Self Adhesive Polyimide barcode label, Size: 19mm x 6mm, for Circuit board labelling

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Material: Polyimide
Adhesive Type: Self Adhesive
Color: White
Pattern: Plain
Surface Finish: Matte
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Polyimide labels are highly durable and well perform in high-temperature ranges. They are constructed of polymeric plastic material and are the most durable type of labels, making them an excellent choice for circuit board labeling. Polyimide labels come in a variety of forms and sizes to fulfill the long-term demands of the printing barcode industry.

Applications: Circuit Board Labeling, Component and Equipment Labeling, Temperature Indicating Labeling and Electronic components.

Material Polyimide
Adhesive Type Self Adhesive
Color White
Pattern Plain
Surface Finish Matte
Attributes Heat Resistant, Waterproof, Non-tearable
Packaging Type Roll
Size 19mm x 6mm
Shape Rectangular
Usage Printing Barcodes, Industrial use
Application Circuit board labelling

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