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The SensorMatic Synergy 2.5 Acrylic Pedestal EAS System offers advanced security features, alarms and sleek design, EAS tag detection of upto 2.5m, ensuring robust security for your retail stores.

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Get the Sensormatic Synergy 2.5 Acrylic Pedestal, a highly advanced EAS Security gate pedestal that works on an AM Frequency of 58 KHz, detecting all kinds of AM EAS labels and hard tags up to a range of 2.5m with absolute accuracy. Designed by Sensormatic, the Synergy 2.5 EAS pedestal offers great performance in all kinds of retail and commercial settings with its unique features like audio and visual indicators that help businesses with retail shrinkage and shoplifting. The Sensormatic Synergy 2.5 Pedestal comes in 1.64m height and .41m width and weighs around 20 kg. It also features customizable alarm tones and LED alarm lights, making it easier to detect unbilled, EAS-tagged articles leaving the facility.

Frequency 58 kHz
Height 164cm
Width 41.9cm
Depth 8.6cm
Weight 20.0kg
Base cover 1.7kg
Primary input. 100-120Vac
Transmit Burst Duration 1.6ms
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