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High-Quality Wax Resin Ribbon, Size: 40mm x 300m, Packaging Type: Roll, for printing barcodes, Manufactures, Traders, and Exporters

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We offer a wide range of thermal transfer wax-resin ribbons, The wax-resin barcode ribbons are available in many sizes. Wax and resin ribbon is a combination of wax and resin-based completely colorant materials, with a larger percentage of resin materials. These ribbons have been conceived to print all kinds of self-adhesive labels, like paper labels, polyester labels, vinyl labels, and so on, at the lowest heat setting. It delivers great print quality with all types of label material and has a better level of mechanical resistance than wax ribbons.

Application:  Distribution, Logistics, Agri-food, Electronics, Appliances, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Health, Pharmaceutical, and Retail Industry.

Material Wax Resin
Color Black
Size 40mm x 300mtrs
Pattern Plain
Surface Finish Glossy
Ink Outside
Packaging Type Roll
Core Size 1 inch
Attributes Excellent print quality, scratch resistance, Chemical Resistant
Usage/Application Printing Industry
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