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ABS RF EAS Systems for Sensor Security

Programmable Sensitivity, Easy installation, Multiple Detection Zones, Multi-Tag Detection, Remote Monitoring, Wireless Capabilities

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Material: ABS
Color: White and Grey
Type: EAS
Dimension: 1610mm(L) x 420mm(W) x 195mm(T)
Technology: Radio Frequency(RF)
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ABS RF EAS systems for sensor security are an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system that uses radio frequency (RF) tags and sensors to detect items being removed from an area or store. They are commonly used in retail stores to prevent shoplifting and other forms of theft. The system works by emitting a specific RF signal that is picked up by tags attached to the items. When an item passes through the sensor area, the RF signal is detected and an alarm is triggered. This lets store personnel know that an item has been taken without permission. ABS RF EAS systems are also used in other areas such as libraries and museums to protect valuable items.
Material ABS
Color White and Grey
Type EAS
Dimension 1610mm(L) x 420mm(W) x 195mm(T)
Technology Radio Frequency(RF)
Country of Origin Made in India
Frequency 8.2 MHz
Power 15 W
Application Retail Stores

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