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Anti Theft RF 8.2MHz Alarm Security Sensor EAS System

Easy to install and use, Automatic opening pattern, RF Aluminum EAS Gate, RF 8.2MHz Alarm Security Sensor, suitable for supermarket, super mall, retail store, shoes store etc

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Material: Aluminium
Color: Silver
Type: Eas Gate
Dimension: 1660mm(L) × 333mm(W) × 80mm(D)
Technology: Radio Frequency(RF)
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The Anti Theft RF 8.2MHz Alarm Security Sensor EAS System is an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system that is used to protect products from theft. It is designed to detect RF tags that are attached to the merchandise. The system consists of an RF transmitter and receiver, an antenna, and an alarm. When an item with an RF tag is moved or removed from an area, the transmitter emits an RF signal that is picked up by the receiver. The receiver then triggers the alarm, alerting store personnel of the attempted theft. The system is used in retail stores, libraries, and other areas where theft prevention is necessary.
Material Aluminium
Color Silver
Type Eas Gate
Dimension 1660mm(L) × 333mm(W) × 80mm(D)
Technology Radio Frequency(RF)
Radio Frequency(RF) 8.2mhz

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