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Everything You Need to Know About Glue Guns

Glue Guns

Glues are such a common thing in today’s world that most of us do not pay much attention to it. We use glue in everything, from school crafts projects to furniture, cars, and even in our smartphones. One method of using glue is hot glue guns, these little devices use heat to apply a layer of strong bonded glue onto materials. You may have seen these in your art class in school or university.

So, let’s discuss everything you need to know about hot glue guns.

What is a Glue Gun?

As the name suggests, a glue gun is a device that is used to apply adhesive to materials. These devices are in the shape of a gun, hence the name; they utilize a solid stick of glue/adhesive. They contain a heating element that melts the solid glue stick and pours it out of a nozzle onto the material.

How Many Types of Glue Guns Are There?

There are three types of hot glue guns available in the market for use. These are classified based on the temperature at which they heat and melt the glue, allowing them to use different kinds of glues and differing in their compatibility with materials.

(A). Low-Temperature Glue Gun

As the name suggests, this gun heats the glue at a low temperature. The sticks used in them melt at around 250° F/121° C. Due to the low temperature, it has a lower chance of melting glue unintentionally, reducing misfires and nozzle burns. Low temp guns are compatible for use with day-to-day stuff like crafts, paper sheets, etc. This is due to the fact that the temperature of the glue is not high enough to damage the material.

(B). High-Temperature Glue Gun

These glue guns are used for more robust operations than low temp guns. These heat the glue stick to 385° F/196° C, to melt it. The glue used in this forms a stronger bond than low temp guns. These guns are used for industrial applications like furniture, Flooring, Packaging, etc.

(C). Dual Temperature Glue Gun

Dual temp guns provide multiple temperature settings and can support different types of glue sticks. These can work both as high-temp and low-temp glue guns, making them compatible with a host of applications.

Applications & Benefits of Different Types of Glue Guns

The reason that there are different types of glue guns, is because they provide different capabilities. They have their advantages & disadvantages that make them compatible with different applications.

(A). Applications

High-temperature glue guns are perfect for use with sturdy and strong materials like wood, cardboard, etc. These guns are compatible for use in Woodworking Industry, Furniture Assembly, Ceramics, and Glass. 

On the other hand, low-temperature guns create a weaker bond, but they can work with delicate materials without damaging them. For example, you can use these guns to bond Paper, Plastics, Fabrics, Styrofoam, etc.

(B). Benefits

The glue used in high temp guns provides a very sturdy bond, but, it also makes it require higher temperatures to melt and activate. These are more resistant to solvents and environmental damage. Low temp glues on the other hand are better for day-to-day use, as they do not damage delicate materials like paper and fabric. Furthermore, the tip of the gun has a reduced chance of causing accidental burns on the user’s hands.

Types of Glue Sticks Available in the Market

Similar to the guns, there is also a variety of glue stick types available in the market for use. They differ based on the temperature at which they work, applications& materials they are made of.

(A). High-Temperature Sticks

As discussed above, these sticks need high-temperature heating to function as intended. They are made from a combination of different kinds of plastics (like EVA, Polyester, Polyethylene, etc), Resin, waxes, and plasticizers. In order to work, the gun needs to heat these sticks to 385° F/196° C. These sticks provide a stronger bond than low temp glues, however, they can also damage surfaces like paper and common crafts materials. Thus, these are reserved for industrial usage.

(B). Low-Temperature Sticks

The antithesis of high temp glue sticks, these are used at lower temperature settings than its counterpart. These need to be heated up to 250° F/121° C to melt properly and be ready to form a bond. Low-temperature glue sticks form a weaker bond than high temp, but it is compatible with weaker and burn-prone materials like paper, inflated balloons, soft plastics, etc.

(C). Novelty Glue Sticks

These can be both high/low temp sticks, but unlike normal glue sticks, these are not transparent. They come in different color schemes, the purpose of which is to match the color of the object it needs to be applied to. However, it can also be used for decorative purposes in crafts. In addition to a variety of colors, you can also find versions of these sticks with glitters or glow-in-the-dark.

(D). Speciality Glue Sticks

This classification of glue sticks is based on fields of application, and they have a variety of glue sticks in them. To clarify, these sticks are developed while keeping a particular application/material in mind. For example, you can find specialty glue sticks that are designed to work with fabrics, wooden materials, metal surfaces, etc.


Adhesives like glue play are normal part in most people’s day-to-day lives. Nowadays, most people who require the use of glue almost every day, prefer using glue guns. These devices make it easier to apply strong glue to form bonds between objects and materials. There are different types of hot glue guns available in the market with different applications. Users can also choose from a variety of glue stick types, depending on the purpose they need it for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is glue gun glue used for?

Hot glue guns are used to apply a layer of adhesive glue on different types of materials. These guns use a heating element to melt a glue stick and activate the glue in it. The guns apply the layer of melted glue on the surface, as the glue cools down it starts to harden and bond on the surfaces of the objects.

Q2. Is the hot glue gun strong?

Yes, the glues used in these guns provide a significantly stronger bond than water-based adhesives. These are made using a combination of polymers, making them invulnerable to moisture and water, and giving them a larger lifespan. They are favored for industrial and manufacturing applications.

Q3. Will glue gun work on metal?

Yes, additionally, hot glue guns are the only type of adhesive that is compatible with metal surfaces.

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