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Types of Craft Paper

Types of Craft Paper

You must have heard about the craft papers. They are widely used in schools for projects or at the house too for packaging, making decorative material or different activities. Craft papers too involve different types, which have different properties and uses. This makes them exciting for use and play. 

Paper and card stock are the most extensively used base material for all of these crafts because they lend themselves to a broad range of methods like bending, folding, curving, cutting, painting, creasing, glueing, decorating, and even sewing and stitching. Here are some types of craft paper you should know. 

Types of Craft Paper

Construction paper

We've seen this paper since we were kids, and we've probably used it for school crafts as well. Construction paper is ideal for children's projects since it is affordable and available in virtually any colour. It has a coarser texture, which makes it more difficult to fold. Construction paper's color fades with time, so it's not ideal for projects that you want to retain.

Crepe paper

Crepe paper is a type of coated tissue paper with a crinkled surface. This sort of paper is available in a variety of colours and designs and can be found at any arts and crafts store. There are a few various varieties of crepe paper available, but if you're wanting to construct floral or party décor, an Italian-made crepe paper is a way to go. Cheaper crepe paper may not last as long and will break quickly, making it more suitable for children's crafts.

Kraft paper

In recent years, kraft paper has gained popularity as a minimalist and edgy method to wrap gifts. Apart from being an excellent affordable wrapping paper, kraft paper is also ideal for a variety of crafts. This coarse brown paper may be bleached yourself or purchased in already bleached sheets or rolls from an art store. Craft paper like this is perfect for crafting cards, scrapbooking, and even constructing simple flower crafts.


Newspapers are quite adaptable; not only can they be read and used as drawer inserts, but they can also be used for a variety of crafts. Newsprint paper is the paper used in newspapers and is a readily available and very inexpensive craft paper. It rips readily and has an excellent sturdiness, making it ideal for paper mache creations.

Scrapbook paper

The scrapbook paper is one of several varieties of craft paper that are marketed to fulfil one function but may be used for other crafts as well. It comes in a variety of patterns and designs, some of which are printed on one side only and others which are printed on both sides. Scrapbook paper comes in conventional sizes, which you can easily cut to the size you need.

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  • Created on May 13, 2022
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