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A Brief Introduction to Aluminum Foil

A Brief Introduction to Aluminum Foil

Packaging and wrapping are an essential part of many different industries and even homes. We all occasionally wrap food items like sandwiches, utensils, etc while going out. In industries, we

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Eco-friendly Tapes

Eco-friendly Tapes, Gummed Paper Tapes or WATs (Water Activated Tapes): Sustainable Packaging

With the advancement in technology, we have moved towards industry 4.0-led industrial manufacturing and production. While the use of technologies such as additive manufacturing simulation and robotic

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Stationery Items for Office

Essential Stationery Items for Office

“Every office needs a list of basic stationery items for office spaces, to make sure that they get the correct essentials and keep their operations streamlined.”Stationery covers a wide range of

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Staplers, Staples & Removers

A Complete Guide to Stapling: Staplers, Staples & Removers

“Staplers have been in use amongst a variety of industries. So, a guide to stapling would be perfect to learn all about different kinds of staplers, staples, and removers.”Staplers have become quite

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Aluminium Foil

Significance & Applications of Aluminium Foil

Originally known as tin foil, due to the primary metal used to make them, are thin sheets of metal/foils used in a variety of applications. Nowadays, we make them from aluminium and use them for

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Self-Adhesive Tapes

Tips for Using Self-Adhesive Tapes

Self-Adhesives tapes are part of day-to-day use, whether it is in our homes, schools, or offices. Almost everyone uses tapes, rather frequently. They can be used for several applications like

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Glue Guns

Everything You Need to Know About Glue Guns

Glues are such a common thing in today’s world that most of us do not pay much attention to it. We use glue in everything, from school crafts projects to furniture, cars, and even in our smartphones.

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Differences in Types of ID Card Printers

ID cards are a common part of everyday life, we use them in schools, universities, offices, etc. They help us create a secure access control system, whether manual or automatic. So, how do we make

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What is BOPP Adhesive Tape

What is BOPP Adhesive Tape? Types Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages

Humans have been known to use tapes as early as 4000 BC, that’s more than 6000 years of continuous use and development. This makes more sense when you see the types of tapes that are available

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How to Choose the Right Lanyard for Your Business or Events

How to Choose the Right Lanyard for Your Business

Lanyards have become a day-to-day item for many businesses around the globe. They provide easy access and security solutions for small valuable items like IDs and USB drives. Unbeknownst to most,

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