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How RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can transform your business in year 2023

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Feb 22, 2023
  • RFID
How RFID can transform your business

RFID is being used in businesses for more than 5 decades now and year 2023 is for you to employ this technology, and push your businesses towards a new growth trajectory.

Supply Chain And Logistics:

The supply chain and logistics industry is severely affected by Covid19lock downs around the world and Russia – Ukraine War, started last February, has only worsened the situation further.

Keeping this in mind, you can’t afford further supply chain disruptions for lack of better technology. RFID is perfectly capable of managing inventory details, stock out automation, tracking of inbound and outbound shipments, which gives you a competitive edge over others.

Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, in September 2022,launched National Logistics Policy (NLP) underlining the importance of technology in this sector. Here’s what he stressed upon:

India, which is determined to become developed, now has to compete more with developed countries, so everything should be competitive

– From 13-14 percent logistics cost, we should all aim to bring it to single-digit as soon as possible

– Unified Logistics Interface Platform- ULIP will bring all the digital services related with the -transportation sector on a single portal

– Gatishakti and National Logistics Policy together are now taking the country towards a new work culture

Isn’t it great? Coming from the PM himself, technologies like RFID should be integrated in Indian businesses, even in third tier cities.

Health And Education:

Simple RFID Tags could be used to track and identify teachers, students, staff /security members (I’m not saying track the teachers everywhere because that’s a big privacy issue) and also articles like books in library, PCs, etc.

Libraries could use RFID to prevent theft and keeping track of the stock in a more digitalized way.

Hospitals can also benefit in the same way. From managing the bed capacity during a pandemic (or otherwise) to keep track of a shipment of medical supplies, RFID can streamline the whole thing.

During Covid19 pandemic, many companies were employing sensor RFID technology to track plasma, which was being considered as a possible Covid19 cure/immunity enhancer for covid19 patients.

RFID technology based NFC (near field communication) tags are being used to authenticate and keep track of vaccines/vital medicines during pandemic.

RFID Readers are even used on hand washing stations to monitor how frequently a hospital staff washes his/her hands, in line with Covid19 protocols, at several hospitals.

Asset Management And Inventory Control:

RFID can remove the use of spreadsheets and manual data entries of inventory and help businesses track the movement of the assets efficiently and error free.

In asset management, human-error counts for huge downtime and delays more often than not, which can be removed all together using RFID Readers and tags.

UHF RFID tags (and RFID Readers) can be used to inspect,place, and store assets in a more convenient way thus making it easier to utilize human capital elsewhere.

Event Management:

Pandemic is nearly over and outdoor/indoor events like music concerts, weddings, football, tennis, cricket can be organized in full swing and this is where RFID can be used to change how you manage large gatherings.

RFID NFC tags can be issued as tickets to prevent unauthorized entry, UHF RFID readers can be employed at entry points to keep a record of people entering or leaving the venue(even time of leaving can be stored).

For the recently concluded football world games 2022, in Qatar, FIFA employed HID to issue 2M paper tickets  that come with unique security features and use RFID inlay to prevent counterfeiting and resulting massive losses.

To conclude:

RFID technology has been proven a game changer for businesses and security. Using RFID for automation helps you save cost and reduce downtime and makes manual records superfluous. We, at ENC Store, provide you with many RFID based devices to help your business grow faster. Please browse here for latest products.

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