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Advantages and Disadvantages of Barcode Scanner | Drawbacks & Benefits of Barcode Reader

Advantages and Disadvantages of Barcode Scanner

We have seen numerals and parallel lines on different products and packaging. They even have these tags on inventory. Each code has a different unique digital code which can be decoded with the help of scanner. This help to identify different items and their properties. This is widely used in warehouses and big stores where collecting and storing data becomes easy with this. 

How does barcode technology works? 

The principle behind barcode technology is symbology. Symbology is what defines a barcode in its most basic form; it governs how encoded information or data is mapped and interpreted. Similar to a binary representation, this encoding allows the scanning equipment to identify when a digit or letter begins and ends. Barcode are recognized as a series of parallel lines that alternate between white and black lines. In a variety of applications, barcode scanning technology provides a simple and affordable technique of collecting data or information. 

Advantages of Barcode Scanner:                                                                                                                                               


You may remove human mistakes like improper data encoding by employing a barcode scanner. Instead, the employee will scan a barcode and the task will be completed for them. Most significantly, avoiding human mistake can help save money. This is because clerical mistakes may be expensive and damaging if data is encoded incorrectly. Barcode scanners are an excellent long-term investment and corporate safety net.

Saves your Time

The data of a barcode is always accessible because the information is directly scanned. In a fraction of a second, all important product information is provided. This is especially useful in grocery stores, since customers frequently purchase multiple items that must all be scanned independently. As a result, there is little wasted time.

Management is Easy

Barcode readers make inventory control easier and precise. Whatever products are scanned, the information is instantaneously transferred to a computer, where it is computed using stock inventories. As a result, they may be able to provide inventory status for specific goods as well as the total inventory of the company.

Easy to Use 

The complete barcode reader training procedure is less costly and straightforward. Employees can learn how to utilize them in a shorter period of time without the assistance of other co-workers. As a result, new employee training times have been drastically reduced.

Disadvantages of Barcode Scanner:


A barcode reader, which is fairly costly, is required to use barcode technology. If it's a 2D barcode scanner, the costs are significantly greater. This expenditure is excessive, especially for small businesses. A further study is required to ensure that the investment in a barcode scanner is worthwhile.

Physical and Label Damage

Barcode are typically printed on labels that are constantly exposed to the outside world. This makes it vulnerable to environmental harm. Even if only one part of the label is damaged, it can cause scanning issues. Physical damage to barcode readers is very common. It, like other equipment, is susceptible to wear and strain. It may mean extra repair costs if it is damaged.


A barcode reader should not be kept more than 15 feet away from the barcode label in order to work. If you put it anywhere else, the barcode scanner will have trouble reading it. This reduced range may be problematic for some applications.


Not every barcode is real. Cyber criminals may have created harmful barcode. If a user scans a malicious barcode, the hacker may be able to seize control of the machine. Hackers might simply obtain access to the operating system since the USB that links the scanner to the PC works as a secondary keyboard.

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  • Created on May 11, 2022

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