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20 Watt Output power capacity, operating voltage: 12 volts, for Small Battery Charging

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Panel Type: Poly-crystalline
Operating Voltage: 12V
Maximum Power: 20 Watt
Dimensions L x W x H: 450 x 350 x 22 mm
No. of cells: 36
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20 Watt 12V battery Polycrystalline solar panel is a mini solar panel that is charged with the help of sunlight. Being light in weight, this portable solar panel has a wide range of applications or purposes. The panel is intended to charge small batteries up to 10 Ah (10,000 mAh) specifically. The size (dimensions) of small solar panels range from 0.6 x 2.55 inches to 14 by 18 inches (equal to 1.7 sq ft, or roughly the size of a standard medium-sized house mirror).
Panel Type Poly-crystalline
Operating Voltage 12V
Maximum Power 20 Watt
Dimensions L x W x H 450 x 350 x 22 mm
No. of cells 36
Short Circuit Current 1.45 amps

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