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Black Plastic EAS Lanyard for Sensor Tag

Lightweight and comfortable design, Easy to install and remove, Compatible with most sensor tags, suitable for Retail stores and Supemarket

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Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Type: Sensor Tag with Lanyard
Size: 17mm
Usage/Application: Retail stores and Supermarket
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A black plastic EAS lanyard is a durable accessory used to attach a sensor tag to an article of clothing, bag, or other items. It is made out of a lightweight plastic material that is durable and features a black color. The lanyard features a split ring that attaches to the sensor tag and a plastic snap closure to secure it in place. The lanyard is designed to be unobtrusive while still providing the necessary security for the sensor tag.

Application: Museums, Galleries, Retail Stores, Libraries, Shopping Malls, Warehouse, etc

Material Plastic
Color Black
Type Sensor Tag with Lanyard
Size 17mm
Usage/Application Retail stores and Supermarket
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