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540 Watt/24V Polycrystalline Solar Panel

540 Watt Output power capacity, operating voltage: 24 volts, Superior performance in all atmospheres

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Material: Aluminium
Operating Voltage: 24 V
Output power capacity: Maximum Power : 335 Watt
Installation Method: Rooftop
Efficiency: High Efficiency
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Polycrystalline Cells Output power capacity: 540 Watt,operating voltage: 24volts, are made of multiple photovoltaic cells, Every cell contains silicon crystals which makes it function as a semiconductor device and absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

Applications : Solar water pumping systems, Off-grid systems for Filling Stations, Electric Vehicles charging station, Street lighting applications and more

Material Aluminium
Operating Voltage 24 V
Output power capacity Maximum Power : 335 Watt
Installation Method Rooftop
Efficiency High Efficiency
Connector MC4 compatible
Country Origin Made In India

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