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Durable and lightweight aluminum construction, Easy to install and use, Automatic opening pattern, RF Aluminum EAS Gate, suitable for Shopping Malls

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Material: Aluminium
Color: White
Opening Pattern: Semi-Automatic
Type: EAS
Dimension: 1520(L) x 450(W) x 98mm(T)
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White aluminum EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) gates are security systems designed to protect retail stores from shoplifting. They are consisting of two vertical poles connected by a horizontal bar. The poles are usually made from white aluminum and feature a metal detector at the top. When a customer passes through the gate, an alarm sounds if an item is detected that has not been properly scanned and deactivated at the cash register. The alarm simultaneously prevents shoplifters and warns store workers when theft is occurring.

Application: Museums, Galleries, Retail Stores, Libraries, Shopping Malls, Warehouse, etc

Material Aluminium
Color White
Opening Pattern Semi-Automatic
Type EAS
Dimension 1520(L) x 450(W) x 98mm(T)
Technology Radio Frequency(RF)
Country of Origin Made in India
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