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PoE Ethernet MIFARE Readers

Frequency: 13.56Mhz, Ethernet and PoE interface, 12.95W max power, Weather Resistant, for access control, time attendence

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Frequency: 13.56Mhz
Interface: Ethernet with POE option
Output voltage: 44~57V DC
Dimensions: 112.3mm L x 96mm W x 22mm D
Output power: <=15.4W
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PoE Ethernet MIFARE Readers are especially suitable for applications such as access control, time attendence, Identity authentication, authorization identificaton. This reader provide read range upto 7 meters, 13.56Mhz frequency, Ethernet with POE option interface, Configurable LED and Buzzer, assigned a reader ID number for multiple unit communication.

Frequency 13.56Mhz
Interface Ethernet with POE option
Output voltage 44~57V DC
Dimensions 112.3mm L x 96mm W x 22mm D
Output power <=15.4W
Visual indication Internal LED and Buzzer
Device input voltage 36-57V DC
Device max power 12.95W
Read Range Up to 7 meters

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