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Fingerprint, ID Card, Password Verification, LCD Display, 500 DPI Resolution, 9V DC Power Supply, Battery Backup, Wall Mounted Installation

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Identification Type: Fingerprint, Password and card
Finger Print Sensor: 500 DPI
Installaton Type: Wall mounted
Power Supply: 9V DC
Display Type: LCD
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The  DTK-402 Biometric Time Attendance System is a comprehensive, cloud-based time and attendance system that uses fingerprint recognition technology to accurately record employee attendance. It is designed to help businesses easily track employee working hours and manage employee shifts. This system features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing users to quickly and easily set up and manage their time and attendance settings. It also offers advanced reporting capabilities, allowing managers to quickly access attendance data and generate various reports. Additionally, the DTK-402 system is compatible with various third-party software and can be integrated with existing payroll systems.

Application: Time & Attendance Management, Access Control, Shift Management, Visitor Management, Leave Management

Identification Type Fingerprint, Password and card
Finger Print Sensor 500 DPI
Installaton Type Wall mounted
Power Supply 9V DC
Display Type LCD
Battery Backup Yes
Dimension 165mm x 130mm x 45mm
Display 2.5 Inch TFT True Color LCD 320x240 pixels
Verification Speed 1.2s
Card Capacity 1000
Fingerprint Capacity 1000

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