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W6 Bluetooth Wristband Beacon

Wearable in multiple styles, 3-axis accelerometer sensor, Lightweight and Portable, Upto 150 meters Read Range, Bluetooth 5.1 standard

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Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1 standard
Dimension: 48.9mm(L) x 41.7mm(W) x 12mm(D)
Read Range: Up to 150 meters
Material: ABS+PC & TPU
Battery: 220mAh lithium coin CR2032 battery
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The W6 Bluetooth Wristband Beacon is a wearable beacon device that can be worn conveniently on your wrist. It is a small, lightweight device that is capable of broadcasting a signal to nearby Bluetooth-enabled devices. The W6 Bluetooth wristband beacon is not only Bluetooth 5.1 compatible, but it also has a high-end 3-axis accelerometer sensor that detects falls, motions, vibrations, and shocks. W6 Bluetooth wristband beacon has a maximum transmission range of up to 150 meters in open areas without barriers.

Applications: Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Security, and  Manufacturing

Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.1 standard
Dimension 48.9mm(L) x 41.7mm(W) x 12mm(D)
Read Range Up to 150 meters
Material ABS+PC & TPU
Battery 220mAh lithium coin CR2032 battery
Antenna Type Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
Sensor Mifare Classic 1k EV1 RFID 3-axis accelerometer sensor
Installation Neck chain, Wristwear, Keychain, and Hang
Waterproof Yes
IP Rating IP67
Button Mechanical button
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