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Lightweight and Comfortable to wear, 550mAh Battery Capacity, 3-axis accelerometer sensor, IP Rating-67, Reliable connectivity

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Productt: Bluetooth (BLE) Beacon
Dimension: 57.4mm x 41.4mm x 18.7mm
Battery Capacity: 550mAh
Max Transmission Range: 150 meters in open areas
Waterproof: Yes
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The H7 Helmet Beacon is a small, lightweight device designed to be mounted onto a helmet. It is a newly built indoor and outdoor location beacon with a 3-axis accelerometer sensor that can broadcast data in real-time to Eddystone and iBeacon. The beacon is powered by a single replaceable CR2032 battery and offers up to 60 hours of continuous use. It is also designed to be easy to install, with a one-handed operation and no tools required.

It also features an RFID chip for access management and an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip for wake-up. The H7 helmet beacon is designed for harsh locations such as mines, factories, warehouses, tunnels, and construction sites. This is why it features an IP67 waterproof construction, robust software, and hardware.

Application: Warehouse Management, Mining, Asset Management, Factories, Tunnel

Productt Bluetooth (BLE) Beacon
Dimension 57.4mm x 41.4mm x 18.7mm
Battery Capacity 550mAh
Max Transmission Range 150 meters in open areas
Waterproof Yes
IP Rating IP67
Attachment Method Armband, Double sided adhesives, Sticker
Built-in Sensor 3-axis accelerometer sensor
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