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Fast identification time, Easy to use and install, Long service life, Portable and compact design, Supports multiple user access

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Identification Type: Fingerprint and Password
Installaton Type: Wall mounted
Power Supply: 12V 3A
Display Type: LCD
Dimension: 173mm x 159mm x 36mm
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SilkBio-101 TC is an advanced biometric attendance system designed to provide accurate, reliable attendance tracking and reporting. It is a fingerprint-based time and attendance system that uses a fingerprint scanner to capture and store employee fingerprints. The system is designed to be simple to use, easy to install and maintain, and provides a secure, cost-effective solution for any business or organization. The system can be used to track employee attendance, record time and attendance data, and generate reports. It is also capable of integrating with other HR systems and software, making it a versatile and convenient solution. The system is also equipped with advanced features such as automated email alerts, employee self-service, and integration with payroll systems.

Application: Time and attendance tracking, Access control, Employee scheduling

Identification Type Fingerprint and Password
Installaton Type Wall mounted
Power Supply 12V 3A
Display Type LCD
Dimension 173mm x 159mm x 36mm
Battery 2000mah
Fingerprint Capacity 2000
ID Card Capacity 10,000
Display 4.3-Inch

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