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Fingerprint, Card ,Password authentication, 1000 user capacity, Inbuilt battery backup, 500 DPI High Resolution, Scratch Proof, LCD Display

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Identification Type: Fingerprint, Password and card
Finger Print Sensor: 500 DPI
Installaton Type: Wall mounted
Battery Backup: 4 hours
Display Type: Keypad, LCD
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The Z200BW Fingerprint Biometric Attendance Machine is a state-of-the-art employee attendance tracking system. It features a high-resolution optical scanner to capture and store fingerprints for up to 1,000 users. The system is designed to provide a secure, accurate, and efficient way of tracking employee attendance. It also includes a built-in time clock, along with a customizable LCD display and an intuitive user interface. The device can be integrated with existing payroll software, allowing employers to easily and accurately manage employee timekeeping. The Z200BW is also equipped with an anti-tamper sensor and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Application: Time & Attendance Management, Access Control, Shift Management, Visitor Management,  Leave Management

Identification Type Fingerprint, Password and card
Finger Print Sensor 500 DPI
Installaton Type Wall mounted
Battery Backup 4 hours
Display Type Keypad, LCD
Sensor Type Scratch Proof Sensor
LCD Resolution 128 x 64 Colour display
Fingerprint Capacity 1000
Card Capacity 1000
Identification Speed <0.8 sec

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