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X990 Standalone Biometric Time and Attendance Scanner

Accurate and reliable time and attendance tracking, Built-in battery for backup, User-friendly interface for easy operation, Rejects Fake Fingerprints, Wall mounted installation

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Identification Type: Finger Print
Finger Print Sensor: 500 DPI
Connectivity Type: Wired
Installaton Type: Wall mounted
Display Type: Keypad
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The X990 Standalone Biometric Time and Attendance Scanner is a complete time and attendance solution that offers accurate and reliable time tracking for businesses of all sizes. This system includes a time clock, fingerprint reader, and software that makes it easy to track employee or student time and attendance. The X990 system is perfect for businesses that need to track time and attendance for multiple employees or students, as it can be used with up to 500 fingerprint templates. This system is also easy to install and use, as it comes with everything you need to get started.

Application: Time and attendance tracking, access control, and identity verification.

Identification Type Finger Print
Finger Print Sensor 500 DPI
Connectivity Type Wired
Installaton Type Wall mounted
Display Type Keypad
Finger Print Capacity 10000
Transaction Capacity 100000
Card Capacity 10000
Dimension 210mm x 157mm x 40mm
Battery Yes
Power Supply DC 12V -- 1.5AMP
Identification Speed <0.5 sec
LED Indicator Green/Red
Attributes Fast and accurate, rejects fake finger prints, ultra compact, portable
Application E-commerce, Time and attendance system or Health and Medical

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