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RFID On-Metal Tagging and Tracking of Gas Cylinder Bottles

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Apr 01, 2024
  • RFID
RFID On-Metal Tagging and Tracking of Gas Cylinder Bottles

“Tracking metal gas cylinders, kegs, and containers with RFID On-metal tags offers several benefits including inventory tracking and management, distribution and supply, timely replenishment as well as auditing.”


The use of RFID technology has transformed various industries offering asset tagging and tracking applications. The retail sector has been the biggest beneficiary of RFID technology when it comes to item-level identification and tracking whether in retail stores or retail supply chains and logistics. RFID tags can be attached to all kinds of apparel, jewelry, IT assets, cargo, and pallets as well as metal objects and packages, without any issues. These tags consist of a microchip that can store various details related to the objects such as object ID, manufacturing, and expiry details amongst others. Moreover, RFID tags come in different shapes, sizes, substrate materials, and distinct operating frequencies and performance. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss in detail how RFID technology can be used to tag metal gas cylinder bottles and other curved surface containers, offering item-level tracking throughout the supply chains. Although RFID tags can be attached to all kinds of materials, metal items need to be tagged with a special kind of RFID label, i.e. RFID On-metal tags and labels. 


Tracking Metal Gas Cylinders, Kegs, and Containers 

Tracking metallic objects has been a critical problem with RFID tagging. Since UHF RFID technology uses Radio frequency signals, metal objects cause significant interference due to which RFID tag detection around metals is compromised. The same is the case around liquids. To overcome this particular problem, various RFID tag manufacturing companies design special RFID On-metal tags or Anti-metal tags. These Anti-metal tags are fabricated with a thick substrate and modified antenna that overcome interference from metal and liquids around them. 

Tracking metal gas cylinders, kegs, and containers with UHF RFID On-metal tags offers several benefits. It solves the core challenges gas cylinder distributing firms face whether it is inventory, item-level identification, or tracking of each gas cylinder. RFID labeling of gas cylinder bottles, kegs, and cylindrical metal containers enhances on-floor visibility and streamlines inventory management. 

RFID On-Metal Tagging and Tracking of Gas Cylinder Bottles

RFID On-metal Tags

The use of RFID on-metal tags has revolutionized the tracking and management of gas cylinders, kegs, and containers in various industries including gas cylinder distribution and supply, retail container tracking, and beer keg tracking. These tags are specifically designed to adhere to metal surfaces, providing a durable and reliable solution for identifying, tracking, and managing these critical assets. 


Key Features of On-Metal Tags

RFID Anti-metal tags are engineered with specialized materials such as substrate, antenna modification, and adhesives that allow them to overcome metal interference and securely attach to metal surfaces. These tags are often constructed using durable materials such as polyester and plastic, ensuring resistance to harsh environmental conditions, including exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and chemicals. Furthermore, the adhesive backing is designed to maintain a strong bond with the metal surface, preventing the tag from detaching during handling, transportation, or storage.

Additionally, RFID on-metal tags are also suitable for curved surfaces, allowing for efficient and accurate tracking of gas cylinders, kegs, and containers throughout their lifecycle, providing real-time visibility and control over these assets.



Applications of On-Metal Tags on Gas Cylinder Bottles and Industrial Metal Containers

The applications of on-metal tags in the context of gas cylinders, kegs, and containers are diverse and impactful. These tags are instrumental in the tracking and management of gas cylinders in various domains such as healthcare, LPG gas distribution in households, manufacturing, and hospitality, where the safe and efficient handling of compressed gases is paramount. Similarly, in the beverage industry, on-metal tags are utilized for keg management, enabling breweries, bars, and distributors to monitor keg inventory, track usage, and prevent loss or theft.

Moreover, RFID on-metal tags find extensive application in the management of industrial metal containers used for chemicals, hazardous materials, and bulk storage. The ability of these tags to withstand challenging environmental conditions and provide accurate identification and tracking makes them indispensable for ensuring regulatory compliance and operational safety in diverse industrial settings.


Benefits of On-Metal Tags on Gas Cylinder Bottles 

The adoption of on-metal tags offers a multitude of benefits for the management of gas cylinders, kegs, and containers. Firstly, these tags provide a tamper-evident solution, as any attempt to remove or alter the tag would be readily apparent, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized handling or usage. Moreover, the durability of on-metal tags ensures longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing operational costs associated with asset identification and tracking.

The integration of RFID or NFC chips in these tags enables automated data capture and streamlined inventory management. This, in turn, facilitates accurate asset reconciliation, reduces manual data entry errors, and enhances overall operational efficiency. The real-time visibility provided by RFID on-metal tags allows for proactive maintenance scheduling, ensuring the safety and compliance of gas cylinders, kegs, and containers.


In short, use of RFID On-metal tags on gas cylinders, kegs and containers offers key benefits as:

1. Accurate identification of gas cylinders and kegs

2. Enhanced inventory tracking and management 

3. Seamless distribution 

4. Accurate record of refilling 

5. Supply chain and logistics management 

6. Inventory visibility and order fulfillment 

7. Timely maintenance and repair (valves, leakage, etc.) 


To conclude, the utilization of RFID on-metal tags for gas cylinders, kegs, and containers represents a significant advancement in asset identification and management. The combination of durable construction, advanced RFID or NFC technology, and tamper-evident security features makes on-metal tags an indispensable tool for industries reliant on the safe and efficient handling of these metal containers. 

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  • Created on Apr 01, 2024
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