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QR Code In Customer Experience Management

QR Code for Better Customer Service

Businesses are waking up to new realities post pandemic, accepting the fact that consumer behavior is changed significantly.  Two and half year long pandemic forced people to isolate, choosing safety over night outs, gatherings, and partying etc. 

Some might argue that the situation is back to normal now, people going out, shopping, dining, partying etc. but there is no arguing that people want better experience now more than before. People want businesses to continue with measures put in place during COVID 19 that allowed them to shop, order food, pay for shopping and food without having to make contact. I personally liked those things. You go to McDonald’s, scan a QR code there that brings up menu, order food, pay online, eat your burger and come home. Without having to face the staff behind the counter who says, “have it or take away”? I mean what is that.

Businesses are also investing heavily on business intelligence and business analytics as to improve consumer experience and target their resources on demanding areas, gathering big data, working on customer sentiment analysis with the help of deep leaning and NLP. Big data are being used to promote customer need specific products and bridge better connectivity between shoppers and the retailers.

QR codes are one way to do this.

Why use QR codes?

The simple answer would be, ‘because it is quick and easy’. QR code is short for Quick Response code, meaning it scans fast, with high read rate and it is customizable. You can encode or write a QR code with text, image,URL, form, pdf, mobile no., unique id etc. and it can accommodate 10 times more data than traditional barcodes.

QR codes are cost effective and easy to use and here’s how businesses are using QR codes in Customer Experience Management:

1.QR codes for easy access

2.QR codes for felicitating digital payment

3.QR codes for promotion and ad campaigns 

4.QR codes for consumer feedback

QR codes were first invented in 1994 at DENSO WAVE for identifying automobile parts in assembly line at DENSO’s Manufacturing plant in Japan.  But who knew that it will find its mojo some  30 years after its invention, at a time when other  technologies like RFID, NFC, BLE are quite popular. I guess Apple Inc.’s 2017 move to integrate QR scanning feature in their iphones did the trick.

QR codes for easy access

In the process of improving customer experience, businesses are using QR code and it’s flexilibity to be used in combination with other technologies, to ease access. Customers are given personalized QR codes for entry, like a ticket or receipt, and by showing/ scanning the QR code at the entry point, they are allotted access.

Music concerts, parties, sporting events like fifa, US open, IPL  etc. use QR code in combination with other technologies for granting hassle free access to consumers.

QR Codes for felicitating Digital Payment:

QR codes, in customer experience management, are also used to felicitate hassle free, contactless digital payment. Businesses already used to accept credit cards, debit cards etc, but having QR code printed on POS is really helpful but that is not all.

In India, road side fast food stalls, vendors, small shops etc., are using QR code based UPI and digital wallet payments for daily business. 

QR codes for promotion and ad campaigns 

Easy customizations with QR codes have also spurred its use in ad campaigns and promotions as well. Retail, restaurants, wineries, hotels etc are using QR codes to improve customer experience and promote their business at the same time. Welcome messages, coupons, sale offers and discounts are sent to customers in the form of QR codes that are personalized to individual customers. 

QR codes for consumer feedback

While many businesses are using advance tools like AI and deep learning to analyze customer behaviour in order to improve customer experience, QR code can also be leveraged for customer feedback which is just as helpful in Customer Experience Management.

At the end of the service, a simple feedback form in the form of a QR code can be presented to customers. 

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  • Created on Mar 03, 2023
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