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Perfect ID’s RFID On-Metal Tags Helping with Retail RTIs

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Mar 07, 2024
  • RFID
RFID On-Metal Tags Helping with Retail RTIs

The retail business operations are getting more complex by day in terms of retail inventory management and store experience for shoppers. The customer shopping experience is a significant part of retail sales and with changing customer expectations, retail stores cannot err. What is needed is a high degree of retail store automation, allowing customers to seamlessly access the various store sections and get the items billed as fast as possible, as easily as possible. Retail store shopping shouldn’t feel like a hassle in comparison to e-commerce shopping channels that are competing for the same business opportunities. RFID technology has been helping retailers hit some of the automation targets in this regard.

When it comes to managing retail stores retail supply chains and warehousing, Perfect ID’s On-metal tags play a crucial role in item identification and tracking. RFID technology is extensively used in retail supply chains and retail stores. In fact, the retail sector makes up for the biggest share (by value) of the Global RFID Market (which is currently at 18.45 B USD in entirety). 

Perfect ID is a pioneer in RFID and IoT solutions and known for innovative technologies. Powered by Syrma SGS, a Tandon Group Company, Perfect ID is a global manufacturer of RFID with sales offices in the USA and India. With 5000+ employees and 120+ suppliers in more than 12 countries, Perfect ID is a market leader in RFID manufacturing in India.

The retail sector, often the retail inventory and supply chains, deals with multifaceted problems such as inventory visibility and real-time tracking. Retail supply chains heavily depend on RTIs (Returnable Transport Items) such as containers, crates, bins, pallets, etc. RTIs are used for storing and transporting finished products from production centers, and warehouses to retail warehouses and retail stores. Perfect ID’s Mount On-metal RFID tags allow retailers to track and trace RTIs and retail consignments throughout the supply chains. 

Mount On-metal RFID Tags by Perfect ID

Perfect ID, as an RFID manufacturer is known for innovative solutions in RFID that effectively address the obvious challenges faced by businesses Perfect ID’s mount-on metal RFID tags are perfect for enabling RFID benefits in metal extensive environments such as retail supply chains and retail stores. Since RFID works on electromagnetic fields and uses radio waves to ensure communication between an RFID tag and an RFID reader, it is also prone to interference from metals and liquids nearby. In simple words, normal RFID tags/labels do not work efficiently in a metal environment and we require specifically designed On-metal RFID (RFID Anti-metal) tags to overcome such challenges. 

The Anti-metal RFID tags are designed with high conductivity materials and come in hard casing (RFID hard tags) as well as Labels (RFID Flexi tags). These anti-metal tags overcome metal interference and provide efficient identification and tracking in retail supply chains and stores. 

Here are some of the popular RFID On-metal tags manufactured by Perfect ID:

1. UNI-6006 (Slim Profile Tag)

2. UNI-7030Self Adhesive UHF RFID tag

3. EDGE-11025

4. UNI-6025

5. UNI-4415 (Small Size Tag)

6. EDGE-5050

7. EDGE-8521 Mount On-metal RFID hard tag

Benefits of RFID Mount On-Metal Tags while Tracking Retail RTIs

The on-metal RFID tags manufactured by Perfect ID are equipped with Impinj Monza R6P and Impinj M730 chips and offer efficient data storage and accurate identification and tracking in metal settings such as retail, supply chain, and manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing. The retail sector is constantly facing new competition in the form of e-commerce and under these circumstances optimized business operations are crucial. Keeping track of all the moving parts, and consignments as well as meeting the volatile demand and customer expectation, all of this can be managed with RFID implementation. As I mentioned before, retail is the biggest benefactor of RFID technology and various retail giants such as Walmart, P&G, Gillette, Unilever, etc. have been involved with RFID development since the early 2000s. 

In India, as retail stores move towards automation and finer details in customer experience, meeting customer expectations, addressing ‘Out of Stock’ scenarios, and quick check out at POS, Perfect ID’s anti-metal tags will likely play a great role in retail automation and track and trace applications. 

These on-metal RFID tags can be attached to RTIs and encoded with relevant information which can be interrogated with a fixed or handheld RFID reader with ease. Staff members who used to spend days in inventory count and cyclic audits can take stock of the entire inventory in 2-3 hours with 100% accuracy. RFID provides an advanced mechanism that is way better than barcoding, which we earlier used to identify objects. RFID doesn’t require a clear line of sight but can capture the details of objects tagged with UHF RFID labels from a distance of up to 15m, up to 100m if you use Active RFID tags.

RFID on-metal tags designed and manufactured by Perfect ID offer absolute accuracy in the metal work environment and last longer due to the industry best built quality. These RFID tags can be interrogated using Handheld, Fixed, sled, and other types of UHF RFID readers, from a distance of up to 12m, with absolute accuracy. 

To summarize, RFID plays a great role in retail automation, and with an increasing focus on meeting customer demands, order fulfillment, and the need to have a high degree of inventory visibility, RFID is bound to see more retail applications. Perfect ID, as a global RFID manufacturer with offices in the USA and India, an Impinj silver partner, offers all kinds of RFID tags. The On-metal RFID tags by Perfect ID offer inventory accuracy, efficient identification and tracking of RTIs, and ensure error-free inventory control even in metal settings. 

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