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Generate/Scan a QR Code with Your Android Smartphone: Here’s How

how to scan generate a QR code with your Android Smartphone

One thing that has caught on post pandemic other than realising the joy of social distancing is use of QR codes for contactless payments.  Since we use our smartphone a lot, it makes sense to simply scan a QR code to make digital payments or visit a website or go through a digital menu at a restaurant.

A QR Code, short for quick response code, is a two-dimensional (2D/ Matrix) barcode image that can contain data like text, SMS, URL, phone number, image, pdf etc. It’s a highly accurate, and efficient upgrade over traditional barcodes. You can scan a QR code by using your smartphone itself.

If you’re looking to generate or scan QR codes and Barcodes with your android smartphone, look no further than RS Lens - QR Scanner android application, available on Google Play Store.

QR Code scanner and Generator application:

Although there are many QR Code scanner apps are available to download on Google play store, what caught my eye is RS Lens- QR code scanner app that is capable of Scanning QR codes, barcodes as well as generating QR, Code_39, Code_93, Code_128, PDF_417 type barcodes.

The application is very easy to use with clean interface. To use this app to scan a QR Code, all you have to do is open this app and point the camera to the QR code and it will scan the code pretty quick.

To generate a QR code, here is what you should do:

1. Open the RS lens- QR Code Scanner app.

2. Select the data type you want to enter, i.e. text, SMS, URL, email, phone number etc.

3. Click on the ‘generate’ button to generate the QR code.

4. You can share this QR code using Whatsapp or sharing link.

Feature of the QR Code Scanner App:

RS Lens- QR Scanner is a feature-rich QR Code and Barcode scanner and generator app.

It is a easy to use QR Code or Barcode scanning and generating app which you can use to visit any URL (website), book movie tickets or make customized business cards for promotion and advertising.

The key features of this QR Code Scanner app include:

1. Clean Interface

2. Scan QR Codes and Barcodes.

3. Generate all formats of QR Codes including Text, URL, contact details, email and SMS.

4. Generate Code_39, Code_93, Code_128, PDF_417 type barcodes as well.

5. Added features include ‘beep’/ ‘vibrate’ to inform you about a successful scan. You can disable the feature as well.

6. Flashlight feature for scanning in the dark

7. Open URL automatically once you scan a QR Code.

8. Share the generated QR code using WhatsApp or link.

9. Continuous scanning option

10. Scan history available

11. Very quick and responsive.

12. Add to the home screen

13. Data safety and privacy

Benefits of QR Code Scanner App for Android Smartphones:

A) Keeping a QR code scanner in your smartphone comes in handy as it is used many a times. Whether you’re out for dinner or paying for a bottle of water, you can just scan a QR code and make contactless payments.

b) QR code based digital payments have also become a trend as people are more conscious now as to what they touch or whom they give their debit cards or credit cards or cash money.

c) QR codes provide an excellent alternative to cash payments where you don’t have to touch cash money that has changed so many hands.

d) QR code scanner app also helps you scan a QR-based business ID at events or gatherings or business meets.

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  • Created on Apr 17, 2023
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