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How QR Codes are Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

How QR Codes are Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

One of the most impacted industries due to covid19 pandemic is the restaurant industries. Covid19 related lockdowns around the globe locked people in their houses and forced restaurants to adopt new technological ways to engage customers and keep the business afloat.Various restaurants started transforming their digital infrastructure to allow customers order online through digital menus and digital payments.

QR Codes have been a greatway to felicitate contactless restaurants experience in restaurants now that businesses are gradually opening up and trying to engage customers, and run business to the pre covid19 levels.

Although QR code is not a new technology as it was invented some 30 years ago in 1994, Japan, it is now being extremely successful in connecting the physical world to the digital.

A high-tech restaurant inShanghai, China, developed by AliBaba is now using QR codes and Robots to allow people to order and enjoy fresh seafood delivered to their table by Robots. QRCode is scanned at the kiosk machine to let the software know where you’resitting and food is delivered automatically. 

Why QR Codes?

QR Codes can be used invarious customized ways in restaurants as QR Codes can be encoded with text,URL, image, PDF etc. Its quick response, easy scanning and high accuracy allow it be used for digital QR payments, QR menus, Promotions and customer feedback. 

Let’s see how QR Codes are Reshaping the Restaurant Industry: 

Rise of Digital Menus: QRcodes based menus

When pandemic hit in USA,many restaurants stopped the public dining and quickly adopted QR Codes tocreate digital menus and to direct customers to restaurant website landing pages. Customers could browse the digital menu and order food online for home deliveries or take outs. 

States like Ohio, New Jersey,New York, Kentucky in United States were the first one to respond to pandemic lockdown measures issued by WHO and banned restaurant dining. The use of QRcodes for menus, at this point, helped restaurant business survive through the lockdowns. 

The use of QR Code for digital menus caught on and stuck even after covid19 restrictions were lifted. Some customers even prefer digital menus to physically worn ones. 

Restaurant specials withQR Codes 

Dynamic QR Codes are a greatway to create restaurant specials (menu). Instead of writing down the specialson a board and regularly updating them, QR code based specials have been proven to be quite useful. Restaurants can attach curated images and graphics, recipes of the specials to the QR Code which give customers a unique experience. 

Restaurant Promotions using QR Codes

Since many people use smartphones for a significant part of the day, QR Codes can be a useful tool for mobile specific customer ads and promotions. Restaurants and eateries can create menus and events and promote it using QR codes and to draw customers to the restaurant websites. 

Customer Feedback with QRCodes 

QR Codes can also be used togather customer feedback which can help improve customer services and customer experiences. Traditionally customers were asked to rate restaurant services via SMS, or by writing in a notepad which seemed like a hassle and customers avoided it but QR Codes make for a great digital feedback option.

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  • Created on Apr 12, 2023

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