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Benefits of QR Codes in Restaurants

  • Mahesh Tiwari
  • Jan 10, 2024
  • RFID
Benefits of QR Codes in Restaurants

You must have seen a QR code by now somewhere, at least, must have scanned one using your mobile to make a payment, or scanned a QR code at a restaurant.

QR code, short for quick response code, is all rage nowadays. Everyone is taking out their phone to scan a QR code (well, all thanks to Apple Inc.). The Covid19 pandemic has only embellished its used just as it offers contactless smooth service, and we are happy to use one to be honest.

What exactly are QR codes?

QR codes are two dimensional images, like a square, and consists data which you can read by scanning it.

The data type could be a text, a URL, an image or a document.

You can generate a QR code using QR generating sites.

Here’s how restaurants, bars and cafés can use QR code and benefit immensely:

1. QR code to book reservations:

Restaurants can create QR codes which contain a simple form to take reservations. People can get the QR code easily, like on social media page, brochures, or the restaurant window itself.

This way, tourists, passersby can easily make reservations and even check the waitlist if any.

2. QR code menus for restaurants :

QR code menus have come up extensively during covid19 pandemic and people are scanning it, just sitting on the table, no calling the waiter which comes with a menu card and tells you about specials, standing near you. People want to have a safe, clutter free service and now that restaurants are opening for dine-ins, the QR code has stayed and it should. I personally like it.

3. QR codes for digital payments and cheques :

It would be fairly convenient for customers to get the bill and pay the same on the table itself, without having to walk up to the counter and do it physically. Dynamic QR codes can be used just for this purpose. It can be edited and reconfigured for other customers again.

4. QR codes to get customer feedback and enhance customer experience:

QR codes can also be used to collect customer feedbacks as well, though the feedback forms shouldn’t be long but short and simple, on 1 to 10 scale maybe. People would happily scan a qr code and drop a feedback. It would help eateries improve their service and profit as well.

5. QR codes for promotions:

Restaurants and bars can use QR codes to create and send out promotion offers to their customers as well. Promotions like 10% off on bills amounting to certain sum, buy 1 get 1 etc. can be created to help promote the business. These QR codes can be placed on tables, counters etc.

6. QR codes to increase footfall and reach:

Restaurants can paste QR codes on the table or share it digitally for customers to follow their social media pages. Customers can scan the QR code while they wait for their orders. 

7. QR codes to connect 24*7:

Restaurants can use QR code on their windows and walls to inform customers about their business hours, holidays and closings etc. Passerby or loyal customers can just scan the same and know the details themselves and visit next time.

This will amount to a better customer experience and increase business for restaurants and cafés.

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