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Why RFID is best for Parking Management and its Advantages

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  • Sep 29, 2022
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Why RFID is best for Parking Management and its Advantages

Millions of vehicles circulate from one place to another in our everyday life, and it ends their travel in the parking lot. Parking management is becoming an important aspect of our urban society and it is seen as customer service by city planners. There are high vehicle density and parking space shortages that need efficient management with smartphone apps to guide you to open spaces.

Also, parking in certain locations causes a major concern of security. While there are various technologies that are helpful in identifying the vehicles parked such as license plate recognition, barcode scanners, radio-controlled switches, and RFID-based car parking system, the system uses a Cryptographic Authentication Protocol.  This technology offers some benefits:

RFID Tags that provide: 

β€’         A unique identifier

β€’         Subtle and discrete placement    

β€’         User memory for relevant data storage 

RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification Readers provide:

β€’         Fast, long-range detection

β€’         Compatibility with any existing access control panels 

β€’         Easy installation

Accurate, reliable performance 

There are various RFID technologies and are in two large categories;  active RFID and passive RFID. Let’s talk about their applications.

Active RFID 

For private parking areas, a simple keypad or radio transmitter may be sufficient to operate entry.  But at the premises, the entry is necessary; a passive, long-range UHF access control reader provides the best solution.  There is embedded application managing vehicle access. When a certain vehicle is identified, the reader activates the relay output to open the barrier.

RFID for Public Parking Areas 

One can also implement RFID based car parking system in the management of public parking lots and areas.  Some tag contains the information of the permit so that the vehicle has been granted and the parking enforcement officers are equipped with a hand reader. Before using this technology, residents got a card that was placed visibly on the dashboard.  

RFID for Corporate Parking Areas – Online Solution 

For an integrated enterprise, more sophisticated management software is required to control each access and store this information. Nowadays many companies are using access control software to manage door access.  It can also be used to control parking gates.

RFID for Secure Facilities 

Finally, facilities that depend on a gate to restrict access spend more on the design, installation, control system, and software.  Yet, the majority of installations use the most basic, insecure, and compromised or easily hacked methods for access.

For authorized vehicles license plates and barcodes, tags are photographed and inexpensively reproduced.  RFID is the most secure, reliable, and effective method to identify vehicles in a controlled-access environment.

RFID-based car parking system increases the performance of entry, tracking, and billing, real-time management of permits, and overall security and access levels.

The RFID vehicle tag or plate is used to incorporate the user's individual and vehicle information. While driving, the long-range RFID reader automatically senses the vehicle information.

1- Effectively enhance the safety management 

After accepting the intelligent RFID-based car parking system, the monthly rent card, value card, consumer record, data in the computer, and the card can be reissued if the card is lost. In the case of equipped with image contrast equipment, every parking card has a license plate number archive, one card is dedicated, and the license plate does not prompt the computer at any time, and warns. 

2- Durable and reliable 

The RFID parking management system follows a passive RFID card that is maintenance-free and has a long service life; this one is fully sealed, and is free from contact, and is dustproof and waterproof. It is not required to manually open the gate. But the system automatically reads the card, checks it, and opens the gate.

3- Unattended mode 

With reduced labor costs it also supports high-definition cameras and takes vehicle images, so that vehicle information can be checked. For multi-card coexistence, the system supports IC cards and ID cards, which facilitate classification management and provides good services.

4- Solid anti-fake performance 

RFID-based car parking system uses complex encryption algorithms which makes RFID identification cards difficult to counterfeit.

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