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Tracking Your Scans: How QR Codes Are Changing Advertising

How QR Codes Are Changing Advertising

Who knew that a 30 year old technology such as QR code could save businesses from going under post COVID19 pandemic?

It’s imminent that smart-phones will take over in terms of human population here at earth since the smart phone market is growing rapidly. With new generation of internet (5.0) and Bluetooth (5.0), more people are using smartphones for varied needs. It is fair to say that people can’t live without one. The smartphone market penetration now stands at 67% with an estimated 6.3B population subscribing to smartphone out of 7.4B global population (Statista). That’s huge and this is the exact reason that advertisers and marketers are realizing the commercial potential of smartphones in advertising campaigns. 

People spend a huge part of their lives on smartphones now, watching videos, listening to music, ordering groceries and browsing for that new Nike shoes they saw last night on one of their friends, if it’s available in another color?

This makes perfect sense to use mobile as a targeting medium for advertising. It is mobile, has great user interface and people love it. 

Now it makes even more sense to choose QR codes for advertising on smartphones. 

Here’s why and how….

QR code, short for Quick Response code, is a two dimensional barcode image that can be customized in different sizes and with images, texts and logos and it can be encoded with texts, numbers, image, URL, PDF etc., essentially with ten time more data than a traditional barcode

But that is not all. It has a Quick Response. Meaning it reads faster, aligns 360 degree and provides more accuracy. QR codes can be scanned even when damaged about 30%. And it can be edited as well.

QR code based advertising:

Advertisers now utilize these two things to tailor their marketing and advertising campaigns. First being the fact that people spend a lot of time on smartphones and second being the quick scan capable QR codes.

QR codes that I’ve seen in advertising have come up on broachers, a stamp size QR code that sends customers to the URL/website of the company, to large scale QR codes on billboards and walls of few buildings.

I’ve also seen QR codes on restaurant doors and windows informing customers of their working hours, closings etc., as menus and specials, as discount coupons, as sales broachers and offers.

As a marketing and advertising tool, QR codes on mobile since it can scan the QR code very easily and promptly with the inbuilt camera, it has become very easy to connect with customers on the go. Japan, USA and Western European countries have commercialized QR codes successfully.  QR codes are on wine bottles giving it a smart and solemn look that matches their branding to QR codes on apparel labels at H&M, Zara, Prada and other retail brands, QR codes have become ubiquitous.

Tracking your scans: Dynamic QR codes

One another great feature that QR offers is that QR codes can be edited and tracked as well. Dynamic QR codes can be edited even after they have been generated and printed and shared. Advertisers use it very often to target a set of customers and potential customers with sales offers, discount coupons, new stock arrival intimation etc. 

Dynamic QR codes can also be tracked meaning the numbers of scans, scan device etc. can be obtained and advertisers use it to figure out which campaigns worked and which didn’t in a particular market/region.

Marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns can be tailored to meet the customers’ needs and interests this way, giving more business to organizations. 

When Less is more: QR codes in print advertising

There aren’t enough words to talk about the applications of QR codes in print advertisings. The long four page advertisement that I see on newspapers can be just put into a QR code on one page and can be just as effective. In advertising, intrigue is an important element for people to interact with a certain advertisement. And QR codes certainly have that.

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  • Created on Feb 28, 2023

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