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Coaxial Adapter, RP-TNC Female to N Female Connector

RP-TNC Female to N Female Connector, RF Coax Coaxial Adapter, Low-loss, high-performance transmission, high security in compact design

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A Coaxial Adapter, RP-TNC Female to N Female Connector is an adapter used to connect two pieces of coaxial cable. It has an RP-TNC female connector on one end and an N female connector on the other. This type of adapter is commonly used to bridge two different types of coaxial cables together. The adapter is typically used when connecting two pieces of equipment that use different types of coaxial cables, such as a router and a modem. This adapter allows for the two devices to be connected without having to replace the cables.

Contact Material Brass
Connecter Gender Female
Mounting Type Cable Mount
Color Silver
Impedance 50 ohm
Plating Material Nickel
Connector A RP-TNC Female (connects to RP-TNC Male)
Connector B N Female (connects to N Male)
Application Connecting Cables

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