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How Can QR Codes Help Your Business

How Can QR Codes Help Your Business

Time is money, that is the truth of modern times. From our day-to-day hustle to driving as much traffic through your store as possible, we all crave efficiency. That's why so many businesses today incorporate QR Codes in their day-to-day practice.

From MNCs to roadside tea sellers, the widespread of this technology is almost unbelievable. Maybe it’s because of its ease of use & versatility.

So, let’s discuss a bit more about QR Codes & their place in your business.

What is QR Code Technology?

QR stands for Quick Response. It is a type of barcode that stores data inside a square box, in the form of pixels. QR codes can be easily read by scanners or even phone cameras. A QR code can store data both horizontally and vertically.

Most often, QR Codes contain URLs to websites or payment links, but they can also be used to direct a device to videos, pics, etc. With just one tap, QR codes can direct a device to a particular address. 

How Do QR Codes Work?

A QR code consists of pixels (black spots) surrounded by three squares, these pixels are read by your smartphone, which converts it into binary language and then presents it to you in a readable form.

There are 6 basic components of a QR Code:

  • Quiet Zone - This refers to the blank space outside of the code, which helps the scanner determine the boundaries of the code
  • Finder pattern - These are the 3 squares on the corners of the code, which helps the scanner know the orientation of the code. The lower right corner of the code doesn’t have a square box. This also helps the scanner identify the boundary of the code
  • Alignment pattern - As the name suggests, this is a small square in the bottom right quadrant of the code and helps the scanner align the code & make it readable
  • Timing pattern - This is a line that runs through all three finder patterns & helps the scanner identify individual squares in the code. This helps the scanner identify, even a partially damaged code
  • Version information - This is a piece of information just on the left of the top-right square, it helps the scanner identify the version of the QR code it’s reading
  • Data cells - This consists of the rest of the data inside the code and contains the actual information the code is trying to convey

How to Implement QR Codes in your Business?

Implementing QR codes in your business can make your business more proficient. In addition, QR codes are also a great way to drive traffic towards your product. It is a great way to market your product to potential customers.

Let’s discuss some ways you can utilize QR Codes in your business:

  • Make Payment – Let's talk about the most basic & widespread use of QR codes nowadays, online payment. Implementing QR codes for your bank/merchant account eliminates the need for customers to carry hard cash or worry about change. It also makes the transaction faster & more secure by a huge margin.
  • Business Cards – You can add a QR code to your physical or digital business cards, that would direct customers to your website’s contact page or a Call to Action.
  • Discounts Coupons & Gift Cards – You can link a QR code to online discount coupons or gift cards. This allows customers to avail of the offers with just a simple tap and helps increase traffic to your website.
  • Customer Review – You can use a code to direct customers to a quick-to-fill review of your services & feedback. This not only promotes more customers to give feedback, by saving their time & effort. It also earns your business goodwill.
  • Wi-Fi Connection – Instead of letting the customers fill in passwords for the Wi-Fi, just use a QR code they can use to automatically connect to your internet network.
  • Electronic Menus & Brochure – Many businesses nowadays use electronic menus by placing QR codes on the table. This has more than one benefit. It saves you cost by eliminating the need to print menus. Every customer at a table can view the menu at the same time. And it earns your business goodwill, by presenting your business as an environmentally friendly place.

Benefits of Using QR Code

Ever since the advent of QR codes in the general market, it has seen exponential growth in users. The biggest selling point of QR code is that it bypasses a lot of tedious tasks like typing URLs, passwords, etc.

So, let’s discuss 3 benefits of QR Codes for businesses:

Data Collection

QR codes replace paying 3rd party data miners like Google, Facebook & Amazon. Businesses can collect customer data, directly from the source. They can then use this data to generate leads & orient their marketing campaigns to get better results.

Bridge the Gap Between the Online & Offline

Before the spread of QR codes, businesses would not be able to direct customers to their websites quickly through physical media like brochures. Nowadays, you can just put a QR code in your brochures or posters, that will lead potential customers directly to your website.

Eliminating the Need for Physical Media

Businesses nowadays avoid including long & thick manuals along with their products. Instead, they just put a QR code on the back of the product that will direct you to an online manual that you can download. This not only saves paper but also saves you on the printing costs & allows packages to be smaller.


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  • Created on Mar 18, 2023

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