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What is Quick Charging and how does it affect the Smartphone?

What is Quick Charging and how does it affect the Smartphone


Is your charger good enough? What is the result of your fast charging? Which charger charges the phone fast?
Answer to these questions is usually given by measuring the voltage and amperage of your charger. The electricity flowing in your smartphone or the capacity of allowing charge flow to charge your phone is calculated as current. You need to multiply volts and amps to calculate wattage (total power).

The Physics of it all: 

Manufacturers usually play with the amperage or voltage of the charger to vary its charging speed. Varying the amps and volts, results in change of potential energy. To boost the battery life, it is observed that makers usually bring change in voltage rather than amperage.

Your charging circuit also plays an important role in the charging speed. Your device will eat only as much power as it is allowed by the charging circuit. To ensure the proper working of fast charging, you should have a proper charging circuit that supports the standards, a smartphone that is capable of fast charging and an adaptor and cable that also fulfils the fast charging requirements.

You must have observed that the battery of your phone start losing its capacity with time. Chemical decay processes affect the electrolyte, as well as the anode and cathode materials, resulting in capacity loss. While there isn't much you can do about this capacity loss, you must pay attention to the temperature at which your phone functions.


Earlier mobile phones can charge up to 7.5W but with the change and advancements in technology, now smartphones support fast charging. This charging capacity ranges from 10W to 100W.

With the increase in the use of mobile phones and our dependency on them we need to minimise the time it takes to charge itself. This not only saves our time but also increases its working time. Charging your phone for hours is a tough task for smartphone users. Almost every manufacturer is working on this technology which leads to competition amongst them.

Does Fast CHARGING harm your PHONE?

This is the most important question we usually think about while talking about fast charging. Fast charging does not affect your phone but the heat-induced by it does affect the battery of your phone. The fast charging type should be able to minimise the output of heat. Manufacturers have worked on this issue too.

Usually, your mobile phones take more power when it is low on battery. To regain its strength it allows itself to take as much power as it can digest but after reaching affixed point it starts charging at its standard speed. This prevents the heat and stress on your battery life.

To summarize, quick charging technology that new smartphone manufacturers are adopting to, is a valuable one. It reduces the time taken by our phone to charge fully, which is quite helpful given our dependency on smartphones. Mobile manufacturers are coming up with 60W, 100W fast chargers, turbo chargers that are capable of charging 15% of the battery in 10-15m.

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  • Created on Apr 18, 2022
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