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Networking Server Rack Cabinet With Locking Glass Door

9U Networking Server Cabinet Rack, Securely & Reliably Mount Your Network, Long lasting protection, Suitable for telecom and networking equipment

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Material: Mild Steel
Mounting: Floor Mount, Wall Mount
Dimension: 500mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 400mm(H)
Product Weight: 45.7 Ib
Product Capacity: 140 lb
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Using a networking server rack cabinet will provide you with a secure and reliable wall-mounted storage solution that is safe for your data and keeps everything organized. This professional 9U 19-inch server cabinet was built with safety in mind and comes with a secured glass door to guarantee the security of your data.

Application: Electronic Equipment, Routers, Switches, hubs, and servers.

Material Mild Steel
Mounting Floor Mount, Wall Mount
Dimension 500mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 400mm(H)
Product Weight 45.7 Ib
Product Capacity 140 lb
Portable Yes
Is it Locable? Yes
Country of Origin Made in India
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