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QR Codes for Lead Generation

QR Codes for Lead Generation

As a tech enthusiast, I understand why businesses incorporate technology for streamlining various day-to-day operations, and let me tell you that modern technologies have contributed significantly to transforming businesses in the last few decades. Be it the Internet of Things or Wi-Fi, Local Area Networks, 4G internet, or AIDC technologies like RFID and BLE, technology has the potential to enhance productivity and drive growth.

The use of QR Codes offers a cost-effective and efficient option to not only keep track of your assets, and provide information about the workings of a new device or machinery but also spread your business to new customers and partners. Marketers and advertisers understand this very well and that’s why QR Code-based advertising and marketing is getting a lot of interest and traction. QR codes can also be used for lead generation for businesses as they provide a quick and easy way for potential customers to access information and engage with the business. And there are so many ways you can do that. From printing and distributing flyers, cards, etc. with a QR Code linking to your promotional content on a website to emailing a QR containing email with promotions and even printing a QR Code-based advertisement on a newspaper or billboard, all and any of these methods can be adapted to generate lead and grow your business. But before we talk more about how QR codes can be helpful in lead generation for various businesses, let's understand first what QR code technology is and how it works.

Why QR Code?

A QR Code is an inexpensive 2D barcode image that is way more capable than a traditional barcode with actual bars. Since barcodes have been an intrinsic part of supply chain and inventory management for decades now, imagine what could be done with QR Codes, which can hold ten times more data, respond quickly, and come with a high read rate? So, why not a QR Code!

QR Codes can hold several types of data including URL, text, numerical, image, PDF, and form, etc. and you can scan a QR code using your smartphone which makes it even easier to use QR Codes for business purposes. I mean, can you imagine everyone you meet carrying a barcode scanner to scan a QR Code/barcode, not possible! Probably that was the reason that QR technology did not quite pick up in the early 2000s.

Thankfully, Apple Inc. 2017 decided to integrate a QR Code scanning feature in their iPhone smartphone main camera and other companies followed suit. Then came the pandemic situation where QR Code played a great role in various businesses with digital payments and digital menus etc.

Why Use QR Codes for Lead Generation?

QR codes provide a convenient and effective way for businesses to generate leads by making it easier for potential customers to engage with the business and providing incentives for them to leave their contact information. A potential customer can scan a QR code off a wall and be directed to a landing page or form where they can leave their contact information in exchange for an incentive such as a free discount voucher or a gift card. This is how businesses can collect valuable lead information and follow up with targeted marketing efforts.

It can also be used to drive traffic from print materials to digital content or conversion points. If you’re running a business, you can include a QR code on a billboard or brochure that directs potential customers to a landing page where they can learn more about the business's products or services leave their contact information and submit a query. This way businesses can track the effectiveness of their print campaigns and generate leads from offline marketing efforts.

A great example of a QR code for promotion and lead generation would be a restaurant offering a free coupon like a ‘buy two get one’ deal in exchange for contact information. People would readily scan a QR code and fill a form with contact details.

QR codes can also be effective at driving print newspaper and magazine readers to your digital platform. Consider another example where a billboard or poster might promote your product or services by including a QR Code. People seeing your advertisement might spend a long time typing in the mentioned URL on their mobile phones. However they can easily use their phone’s camera to grab the QR Code, and they will be directed to the URL with a single click. So, QR allows more people to visit your website which is good for business.

Dynamic QR Codes can also be opted for creating QR code-based promotional content for lead generation where you also get insights into the impact of a particular ad campaign targeted at a particular region and demographic. Since dynamic QR Codes can be modified even after the QR Code is printed and distributed, ad managers and promoters can implement necessary changes and reevaluate the success of the campaign.

Unlike static QR Codes, dynamic QR Codes offer scalability and flexibility in terms of billboard and newspaper-based advertisements. Businesses can see the number of scans, track locations, and analyze the impact of a particular ad campaign.

QR Code-based Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Another way businesses can use QR codes for lead generation is by using QR in emails. QR codes can be encoded with a list/brochure of your prominent products and services and can be delivered to your potential clients' emails without spamming them. QR codes are, by nature, intriguing and people feel curious to engage with QR Codes.

Things to Keep in Mind While Using QR Codes for Lead Generation

Using QR Codes for lead generation also requires careful planning. You have to ensure that the correct URL is used while generating the QR Code and that theURL directs to a webpage with detailed information about your products and services. 

If you are thinking of publishing the QR Code in newspapers and magazines for advertisement, double-check the URL or the information that you want to convey. 

Also, bring your A-game while going for billboards and newspaper ads. Incorporate some fancy and interesting taglines and content to go with your QR Code advertisement. An interesting line or paragraph will ensure that more people feel compelled to scan your QR codes. The same goes for brochures. 

You can also use colored QR Codes which might feel attractive and might go with your brand theme. Use bright color QR Codes for a brand that is woman/child-centric for one. Also, bright colors turn more heads. 

Subtlety is also your best friend and less is more. Using just a single QR code with no text and nothing on a front page ad, I mean how intriguing is that? 

To conclude, QR codes, with their seamless scanning and high read rate, offer a great way for lead generation. People in marketing and advertising businesses understand this very well and use QR for various digital ad campaigns to generate leads. QR codes have also proven to be a cost-effective means for print ads as businesses can just publish a customized small-sized QR ad in the newspaper and link a URL to a webpage with a detailed advertisement. This also saves advertisement costs for your business.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for general information purposes only and true to best of our understanding. Users are requested to use any information as per their own understanding and knowledge. Before using any of the information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

  • Created on May 03, 2023

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