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How to Choose the Right Server Cabinet for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Server Cabinet for Your Needs

When investing in your business to create a presence in the online marketplace, you will need to invest heavily in servers. These little pieces of technology are necessary to allow your business to communicate with customers and other competitors in the market. That is why it’s also important to ensure the safety of servers. That is where server cabinets come in.

Today we will discuss how to select a server cabinet that best suits your business's needs.

Things to Remember While Browsing for a Server Cabinet

Much like any product with multiple brands and a huge demand, server cabinets come in all shapes & sizes. Cabinets have different configurations and are suitable for different applications. Therefore, you must select the right type of cabinet to store your servers. So, before you go running off to buy a cabinet, read up on a few tips to remember.

(A). Server Dimensions

Firstly, a big function of a server rack is to keep the server enclosed and secure. So, it is very important that the server unit fit inside the cabinet. A cabinet can be designed to hold one or multiple server units inside them. So, the first thing you need to do is to check the dimensions of your server unit and check how many servers can you securely store in a cabinet. This allows you to prefer just the right size of cabinet, not too big, not too small.

(B). Load Bearing Capacity

The second thing you need to confirm is to check the specifications of your servers and record their weight. Keep this in mind while browsing through the cabinet selection to make sure that it is designed to bear loads of your server units.

(C). Mounting Method

Server cabinets can be mounted using different methods. For example, big, multi-shelved cabinets generally do not need to be mounted, while single-unit carrying cabinets can be wall mounted. So, you need to decide which kind of cabinet is best for you, depending on factors like your server room, cost of installation, number of units, etc.

(D). Design & Cooling

As noted above, server cabinets come in different designs and with different incorporated features. For example, the number of sockets available in the cabinet must be at least equal to the number of server units you will put in it. Some cabinets also come with in-built cooling fans or even liquid heat sinks. Ventilation is a big issue when it comes to servers, as they generate a lot of heat while operating. If the temperature goes out of the acceptable temperature range, it can result in damage and loss of data. Therefore, you will need to check the ventilation requirement for your servers & whether the cabinet fulfills them or not.

(E). Material

Lastly, check the material that your cabinet is made from. What kind of heat resistance does it offer? What kind of environment is it suitable for? What is the color of the cabinet? All these can factor into the important characteristics of your cabinet like its load-bearing capacity, heat absorption, ductility, etc.

Importance of Using a Server Cabinet

Now that you know how to assess the best server cabinet for your business needs, let’s check out why you need a cabinet. What are the reasons that investing in server cabinets is a fruitful idea?

(A). Organization

The primary function of a server is to store data and provide a connection point for multiple systems, both inside and outside of the premises. As a business grows, its requirement for servers increases and they have to set up multiple units. This is where a problem arises, the problem of space. Server units need to be placed securely and, in a temperature, regulated room. With the help of cabinets, you can easily stack multiple servers on top of each other. Then arrange these stacks neatly next to each other. This saves a lot of space, makes the server area kept tidy, and also ensures the cost of cooling/temperature regulation is kept down.

(B). Data Protection & Security

On average, a single server unit can cost anywhere from ₹ 1,30,000 to ₹ 3,40,000. So, not really a cheap device, in addition to the valuable data that it holds. In the digital age, information is everything, correct information, and data can propel a business lightyear ahead of its competitors. That is why, it is imperative to secure server units, with the help of server cabinets you can do just that. These cabinets are made of strong metals with high tensile strength, meaning, it is nearly impossible to damage them without a blowtorch. In addition, cabinets are completely enclosed and feature a secure lock. This allows for extra security & prevents your valuable data from being stolen.

(C). Modular

Manufacturers of cabinets make sure to include some options for personal customizations like removable panels and multiple securing points. This ensures that the owner can effectively use a cabinet with the growth of their business, i.e., be used properly with other cabinets.

(D). Ease of Maintenance

Server cabinets are usually made in a way that allows multiple points of access to perform maintenance services without having to completely dismantle the storage system and remove the server. This makes repair and maintenance much faster and reduces the downtime server units have to face due to any technical issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the purpose of a server cabinet?

Ans - The primary function of a server cabinet is to provide secure housing for server units. It allows for increased safety against physical damage, and accidents & security against theft. Implementing server cabinets allows an organization to store its servers in a space-efficient manner and reduces the cost of cooling in the server room.

Q2. How many servers are in a cabinet?

Ans - Depending on the height of the server units and the type of cabinet, the storage capacity of a cabinet can vary. However, you need to keep in mind a couple of things while deciding how many servers to put in a cabinet, like – the load-bearing capacity of the cabinet and the combined weight of the servers, ventilation features, heat resistance, and height of the servers.

Q3. What is the difference between a network rack and a network cabinet?

Ans - The biggest difference between a server rack and a server cabinet is the presence of wall panels. Server cabinets are enclosed on all sides and usually come equipped with a lock. On the other hand, server racks are completely open, but they also provide better ventilation.

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  • Created on May 09, 2023
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