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Heavy-duty steel construction, Provides easy access to all equipment, Network server racks and cabinets, Easy installations and panels, for Networking, AV, Telecom & Lab

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Material: Steel
Construction: Welded/CKD
Top & Bottom Cover: Welded to frame with cable entry exit cutouts
Front Door: Lockable Toughened Glass Door
Mounting Angle: 19" Formed Steel
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The 9U Double Sections Wall Mount Networking Rack is a versatile and durable wall mount rack designed for organizing and managing network devices in a home or office environment. This rack is designed for wall mounting and can accommodate up to 9U of equipment. It is constructed from heavy duty steel and features an open frame design that provides easy access to equipment and cabling. The rack includes two adjustable mounting sections that can be used to organize and manage multiple devices. The rack is also compatible with standard 19” rails and can be used to mount a variety of networking devices, including switches, routers, and patch panels.
Material Steel
Construction Welded/CKD
Top & Bottom Cover Welded to frame with cable entry exit cutouts
Front Door Lockable Toughened Glass Door
Mounting Angle 19" Formed Steel
Standard Finish Powder Control
Static Load 30 Kgs
IP Protection IP60
Rack Wall Mount 9U

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