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A server is responsible for facilitating requests and communication between different programs & systems. Servers are needed to maintain a business’s online presence in the marketplace, like the website & online store. Therefore, it is understandable to say that you need to store your servers in a secure manner. And for that, you will require a server rack.

A Server rack, also known as a Network Rack, is a robust cabinet usually made of metallic allows. They serve the function of securing a server unit and preventing it from any physical damage. Servers are usually small, cuboidal in shape, meaning they don’t require a lot of horizontal space. Sever racks use this to their advantage and allow you to stack servers on top of each other. This saves a lot of space and keeps the servers in a single confined space that can be easily cooled. 

At EnCStore you can now find top-quality server racks. Our products are dynamic with removable panels, good weight holding capacity, and easy installation and management. You do not need the help of a professional to use these cabinets, allowing greater user functionality.

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