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AM Magnetic VST-R Security Tag equipped with advanced anti-theft technology and magnetic locking mechanism, operate on 58Khz frequency, designed to be difficult to remove, ideal for retail and garment

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The Sensormatic AM Magnetic VST-R Security Tag is a reusable tag designed to deter theft of merchandise in retail stores. It uses acousto-magnetic (AM) technology, which means it interacts with a sensor system at the store exit. If someone tries to shoplift by leaving the store with the tag attached, the sensor at the exit will pick up on the AM signal from the tag, triggering an alarm. This tag operates on a frequency of 58Khz, making it compatible with many security systems. It also has a magnetic locking mechanism, which makes it difficult for thieves to remove without a special tool. Because of these features, it's commonly used in retail stores to protect merchandise from being stolen.

EAS System AM
Frequency 58kHz
Dimension 56mm(L) x 16mm(W) x 18mm(D)
Color Gray
Detacher Type Magnetic
Material ABS

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