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Secure your merchandise with sensormatic EAS hard tag pin, designed for reliable attachment and featuring a grooved design for enhanced grip with 19mm size and compatibility with Magnetic 5kG Tack Tag

By Sensormatic
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Tack Length: 19mm
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: White
Nail Surface: Smooth
Compatible with: Magnetic 5kG Tack Tag and Ultra-Gator Tag
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The Sensormatic EAS hard tag pin grooved tack is a specific component used in anti-theft systems for retail store. Their compact design, typically measuring around 19mm in length and featuring a grooved tack, facilitates easy and discreet attachment to various merchandise items. These pins are used with hard tags, which are the plastic security devices attached to merchandise.  The pin goes through a hole in the tag and locks into a mechanism on the other side.  The grooves help to create a stronger connection between the pin and the tag, deterring theft. Operating within specific frequencies such as RF (Radio Frequency) or AM (Acousto-Magnetic), they seamlessly integrate with existing EAS security systems deployed within retail environments.

Tack Length 19mm
Material ABS Plastic
Color White
Nail Surface Smooth
Compatible with Magnetic 5kG Tack Tag and Ultra-Gator Tag

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