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The Sensormatic SuperTag III Magnetic Pencil Tag works on AM technology, featuring a sleek design and powerful magnetic locking mechanism, provides reliable anti-theft protection for retail stores

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EAS System: AM
Frequency: 58kHz
Dimension: 69mm(L) x 30.5mm(W) x 18.8mm(D)
Color: White
Detacher Type: Magnetic
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The Sensormatic AM SuperTag III Magnetic Pencil Tag  is an advanced electronic article surveillance (EAS) solution designed to enhance security and loss prevention in retail environments. Using Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology, this innovative tag provides a robust detection range of up to 2.4 meters, effectively preventing theft and protecting merchandise. Its sleek design and powerful magnetic locking mechanism, ensuring convenience for store staff while maintaining security measures. Suitable for a variety of retail sectors including Apparel, Denim, and Sportswear, the SuperTag III magnetic pencil tag offers a comprehensive solution for retailers seeking reliable theft prevention solutions.

EAS System AM
Frequency 58kHz
Dimension 69mm(L) x 30.5mm(W) x 18.8mm(D)
Color White
Detacher Type Magnetic
Weight 9.7 g
Pullout Force 63.50 kg

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