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Pvc White EAS Soft Label, 40mm x 40mm

Adhesive backing for secure and reliable performance, Easy to apply, Cost effective, Flexible, Environmentally friendly, Compatible with most EAS systems

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PVC White EAS Soft Label is a type of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) label used in retail stores to protect merchandise from theft. The label is made of a flexible PVC material and is designed to be attached to merchandise and set off an alarm if removed from the store without being deactivated. PVC White EAS Soft Labels are a cost-effective way to reduce shoplifting and protect the merchandise in a retail store.

Application: Museums, Galleries, Retail Stores, Libraries, Shopping Malls, Warehouse, etc

Material PVC
Size 40mm x 40mm
Type EAS Tag
Pattern Printed
Surface Finish Matte
Packaging Type Roll
Color White
Application Shopping Mall
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