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Ultra High Frequency, 865-868Mhz, High Performance, Size:30mm x 15mm, Up to 10m read range, IP Rating- 67, Passive RFID Smart Bin Tag for Waste Management

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Operating Frequency: 865 - 867 MHz
Communication Protocol: ISO 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Read Range: Up to 6m
Tag Material: ABS
Tag Size: dia 30mm x Holes dia 5.5mm x 15mm(T)
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An RFID waste bin tag is a small RFID tag usually affixed to the side or lid of a trash can or waste bin. It is used to facilitate the identification and routing of waste as it is transported through a waste management system. RFID waste bin tags typically use passive RFID technology and can include basic identification information such as bin location, customer ID, and the type of waste contained in the bin. This information can help simplify waste collection, streamline billing, and improve accuracy in waste management.
Operating Frequency 865 - 867 MHz
Communication Protocol ISO 18000-6C EPC Class 1 Gen 2
Read Range Up to 6m
Tag Material ABS
Tag Size dia 30mm x Holes dia 5.5mm x 15mm(T)
Applicable Surface Dustbin
Attachment /Mounting Method Screw
Operating Temperature -50°C to +120°C
IP Ratings IP67

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