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Self Adhesive Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper Tape, 72mm x 50 meter

High-strength Kraft paper, 100% recyclable tape, Kraft Recyclable Paper Tape, 38 Micron, Ideal for light to heavy duty packaging, Easy to Apply

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Material: Kraft Paper
Color: Brown
Length: 50 mtrs
Width: 3 inch / 72mm
Thickness: 38 micron
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Self-adhesive eco-friendly kraft paper tape is a versatile and biodegradable tape made from kraft paper and natural rubber glue. It is the perfect way to package, secure or seal your shipment or DIY projects. Unlike other types of packaging tape, this tape is designed to adhere to almost any surface – including cardboard, wood, paper, metal, and plastic – and stays put until you want to take it off. The adhesive is also water-resistant and offers excellent tensile strength so it can securely hold boxes and packages of all sizes. Furthermore, it is completely eco-friendly and won’t leave behind a sticky residue. This makes it ideal for both business and home use as it can be used time and time again while still looking neat and tidy.

Application: Sealing cartons, Securing items in place, Bundling items, Wrapping items, Repairing paper and fabric products, etc

Material Kraft Paper
Color Brown
Length 50 mtrs
Width 3 inch / 72mm
Thickness 38 micron
Waterproof Yes
Adhesive Single Sided
Design Printing No Printing

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