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Single Scan Line Pattern, 5V DC Input Voltage, 1D Decode Capability, No bluetooth connectivity, suitable for retail, supermarket, malls for scanning barcodes

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The 1250g Single-Line Laser Scanner is designed for quick reading of linear barcodes, even those with imperfect printing and damaged codes. The 1250g general purpose scanner has an extended depth of field, allowing users to easily scan out-of-reach items with ease. It replaces the time-consuming procedure of scanning programming barcodes with a single device that supports all standard interfaces. The 1250g Single-Line Laser Scanner is easy to set up, and its ergonomic shape fits most hands comfortably, reducing user fatigue in scan-intensive operations.
Form Factor Gun Shape
Decode Capability 1D
Scan Pattern Single Line
Wireless No
Bluetooth No
Input Voltage 5 V DC
Operating Power 0.7 W
IP Rating IP40
Host System Interface RS-485, RS-232, USB, RS-232C

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