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Essential Stationery Items for Office

Stationery Items for Office

“Every office needs a list of basic stationery items for office spaces, to make sure that they get the correct essentials and keep their operations streamlined.”

Stationery covers a wide range of products, ranging from as simple as a simple pen to a pneumatic stapler. But there are certain essential stationery items needed for office spaces. That is exactly what we will discuss today.

Why is Stationery Needed in Offices?

There are many things that go on inside a corporate office on a day-to-day basis. And not all of these tasks are done on computers or electronics. Sometimes, employees have to get back right down to the conventional pen, paper, blue, and other common stationery items.

A typical office space requires loads of different types of stationery items, ranging from notebooks, pens, and rulers to printer ink, colored crafts paper, etc. Depending on the type of organization, company culture, and use, offices may keep a stock of all kinds of stationery items.

Stationery Items You Must Have for Corporate Offices

As you can read in the above section, there are many different types of stationery items you can find in an office. Ranging from everyday items to specialized tools depending on the business. However, there are a few items that are a must, and you can find them in almost every office space.

So, let’s check them out.

Whiteboards & Markers

You might wonder in the era of affordable laptops and internet access, why would any office require a whiteboard or a marker? It makes sense, if no one is writing manually, why would you need the tools of writing? However, in reality, the majority of offices still have tasks that require these items. For example, during meetings, the meeting holder may use the whiteboard and markers to write down the strategy and key eyes for the whole team to understand. Pictorial representations always help people get more immersed.


One of the most essential writing accessories, i.e., the pen. Almost every single office in the world will have a healthy stock of pens. Employees use these pens for taking notes, writing down important information, marking objects, etc. Yes, technically most of these tasks can also be done on a computer, with far better-looking writing. However, you cannot be expected to open notes on your laptop to write down information.

In addition, you can also use pens for signing documents, opening parcels, etc. So, yes, pens are still one of the most basic & essential stationery items.


When you see pens being such a common item in any office environment, it’s understandable to have an item on which to use those pens. Most people use small notebooks to write down notes and contact information of clients/customers. They can also use the notebook as a diary to fill in important information, such as events, strategies key items, etc.


One of the biggest headaches of working with a large volume of documents is to make sure they are in proper order. For that reason, we usually compile documents and store them together. One of the greatest tools for this job is the stapler. These little buggers can easily attach multiple documents together for safe storage. There are many types of staplers, like manual, electric & even pneumatic.

A normal everyday use stapler can attach up to 25 to 50 pages at once. While more heavy-duty manual staplers can even go up to 100 sheets of paper at once. On the other hand, electric and pneumatic staplers have significantly higher pressure than either of these, they use more robust stapling pins and are generally used to secure thicker materials together like cardboard.

Binders & Folders

Workers don’t just leave the documents around in the open after compiling them. Rather, we keep them inside files, folders, and binders for safekeeping. Labeling the binders and storing them in the files room.

Paper Sheets

Paper sheets as a whole, may be one of the most ordered items in an office. From being used in printers, and writing notes to artsy stuff; paper sheets are a necessary component of a corporate premises. Offices, usually purchase paper sheet stacks in bulk as they know that they are used in large volumes and in almost every department throughout the building.

Hot Glue Gun

Everybody needs glue from time to time, whether it is to stick two sheets together, or joining wooden parts, or any of the other hundreds of things. Hot glue guns often work wonders when you have to adhere to two pieces of material strongly. These are easy to use, portable, and provide a strong bond.


Having a calculator handy with you is always a good idea, especially when your job has anything to do with dealing with numbers. You can use these to calculate business models & financial operations, etc.

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  • Created on Aug 24, 2023

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