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RFID Tool Tracking with Perfect ID Mount On-metal RFID Tags

  • Abhishek Shukla
  • Nov 16, 2023
  • RFID
RFID Tool Tracking with Mount On-metal RFID Tags

The use of RFID technology in asset tracking and management in businesses is the latest technological development that we are witnessing across nations. RFID, as an IoT technology, is used in retail stores and inventories, warehouses, supply chain automation, manufacturing, and logistics. It offers accurate identification and tracking of RFID-tagged objects, containers, and pallets, thus enabling large-scale data capture. With businesses scaling their business operations, this large-scale data collection has become a necessity and is used for auto-generated reports and insights that ensure better decision-making, better customer experience, and value creation.

RFID-based tool tracking allows manufacturing and construction industries to keep track of machine parts, tools, and other metal objects that are crucial to manufacturing, production, and construction. As an RFID tag manufacturing company, Perfect ID is known for designing and manufacturing mount On-metal RFID tags and RFID labels that can be easily attached to metals and offer better RFID performance in the light of RFID metal interference. 

Why Tracking Metals with RFID Technology is difficult?

We all know that RFID technology works on radio frequency-based data sharing, much like Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth wireless standards but the working of RFID is a bit different. RFID leverages small RFID tags which typically consist of silicon microchips and antenna lines, and RFID readers which are used to interrogate RFID tags for data. When an object is tagged with an RFID label, the RFID label is encoded with data about the object in the form of EPC (96/128-bit electronic product code). It contains details of the product, manufacturer’s details, etc. 

The problem with using RFID tags on metals is that metals are highly conductive and tend to detune the tag antenna and observe most of the RF energy from RF signals. It’s called interference. To overcome this issue, mount on-metal tags are created with better backing/substrate such as foam, paper, and advanced antenna design. 

Perfect ID Mount On-metal RFID tags for Tool Tracking 

As I mentioned before, we need specially designed RFID tags that can overcome metal interference. It could be directly from the metal tag being attached to or extensive metal settings. Perfect ID, thus creates Mount On-metal Passive UHF RFID tags (RAIN RFID) that can be easily attached to IoT assets and tools that are made of metals. 

Tool tracking plays a prominent role in manufacturing, construction, and the healthcare industry, and these RFID tags, RFID hard tags, and RFID flexi labels can be attached to all kinds of surfaces whether it is plain or curved. 

Some of the popular UHF RFID Mount On-metal RFID tags that can be used for tool tracking, designed by Perfect ID are as follows:

1. PCB-2510 Mount On-metal RFID tags

2. UNI-6006 (Slim Profile Tag)

3. UNI-7030Self Adhesive UHF RFID tag

4. EDGE-11025

5. UNI-6025

6. UNI-4415 (Small Size Tag)

7. EDGE-5050

8. EDGE-8521 Mount On-metal RFID hard tag

Advantages of RFID Tool Tracking With Mount On-metal RFID Tags

Tool tracking is often used in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, etc. to keep track of important machine parts, equipment, construction tools, medical tools, surgery tools and equipment, etc. 

Let’s see some of the benefits of RFID Tool Tracking:

Improved Read Range with Perfect ID’s Mount On-metal Tags

Mount-on-metal RFID tags are specifically designed for use in metal environments. They offer an improved read range compared to other RFID tags, allowing for reliable and consistent tracking of tools and assets in challenging environments.

Enhanced Data Storage

Some Mount on-metal RFID tags typically have a larger memory capacity, enabling the storage of more data. This is particularly useful for tracking tools and assets that require additional information, such as maintenance history, location, or usage records.

Mount-on-metal RFID tags are also a bit costly in comparison to other RFID labels.

Compatibility with Metal Surfaces

Mount-on-metal RFID tags are designed to adhere to metal surfaces securely. They can withstand harsh conditions, including exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and physical impact. Therefore, the Anti-metal RFID tool is suitable for tracking tools and assets in various industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, and retail.

Increased Operational Efficiency

RFID tool tracking with mount on-metal RFID tags can significantly improve operational efficiency. The technology allows for quick and accurate identification of tools and assets, reducing the time spent searching for items manually. It also enables multiple tags to be read simultaneously, eliminating the need for line-of-sight scanning and streamlining inventory management processes.

Error Reduction in Tool Tracking 

RFID tool tracking minimizes human error in asset management. Unlike manual methods or barcode systems, RFID tags can be read even if they are covered by objects or not visible, eliminating the risk of misreading or misplacing tools and ensuring accurate and reliable tracking.

Real-time Visibility of Tools and Machine Parts

RFID tool tracking and asset management provide real-time visibility into the location and status of tools and assets. Integrating RFID technology with a centralized tracking system allows organizations to monitor tool usage, track movement, and identify any discrepancies or unauthorized removals. Thus using RFID, businesses can implement proactive maintenance, reduce loss, and improve overall asset utilization.

Scalability and Flexibility

RFID tool tracking systems can be easily scaled and adapted to meet the specific needs of different industries and applications. The technology supports a wide range of RFID readers, software platforms, and integration options, allowing organizations to customize their tracking solutions based on their requirements.

RFID tool tracking with mount on-metal RFID tags offers improved read range, enhanced data storage, compatibility with metal surfaces, increased operational efficiency, error reduction, real-time visibility, and scalability. These advantages make it an effective solution for tracking tools and assets in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, medical, IT etc. 

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  • Created on Nov 16, 2023
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