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Tips to Prevent Phone Charging Cable from Breaking

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We usually face a problem when it comes to charging cable. It usually breaks or gets damaged. This all leads to unnoticed expenses. Spending on cable breaks our hearts. You must have heard that prevention is better than cure. So why don't we improve some of our habits and prevent cable damage?

Here are some basic tips which are easy to follow. The single tip might save your charging cable.

Handle your cable gently

It is important to handle your cable care fully and gently. Pull the cords out from the plug or device by the end. Pulling your cables out by grasping the central wire puts a lot of strain on the cable. Also, Pulling a cable out without doing so puts strain on the weakest area of the structure, where the cable connects to the plug. It goes a long way to take good care of the charger cable. Remember to hold the cable by the plug the next time you're in a rush so it doesn't put strain on the weakest portion of the cable.

Store cable properly

You should keep the cable on your desk, especially when not in use. When cables rub against surfaces such as floors or desks, they are likely to be damaged. This entails packing it in a box that will not be destroyed during transportation. Cases, for example, are excellent for preventing scratches on your phone and the lightning cable. They're also useful when you require a phone stand. Purchase a general electronics and cable organising case, as well as cases for your electrical items that have cord pockets.

Don't keep it in your pocket

It's fine to keep your phone in your pocket as long as the cable is kept separate. Because bacteria thrive in your pocket, storing your phone and cable together will cause the cable to deteriorate much more quickly.

Avoid bending and twisting it

Don't be scared to coil the cable for storage but don't bend or twist your cable, as this can harm the wiring within. You can keep them tangle-free by storing them in silicone sleeves. Silicone sleeves protect your cable from damage while also preventing tangles if you wrap it too tightly when storing it.

With The Right Accessory, You Can Protect Your Charger

Perhaps it's time to call in some accessory. Purchase a set of rubber cable protectors to place on top of the joint that links the cable to the USB end of the device. These ensure that you have the flexibility you need to move the cable without overbending it.

Make the Most out of Your Waste

Dismantle your old pen to recover the spring you thought was useless. Wrap the spring around the cable joint to give it some extra support. This is only a temporary solution, but it works perfectly. This can save your cable to an extent.

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  • Created on Apr 18, 2022



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