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Custom Lanyards For Branding And Identification

Custom Lanyards For Branding And Identification

Did you know that the word Lanyard which comes from a French word ‘laniere’, means ‘a strap’?

In simple terms, a lanyard is a thin fabric strip that people wear around neck or carry, along with their identification card, brand id, etc. There is nothing technical about it except the material it is made of and more often than not, it’s a fabric.  Now coming to fabric, there are many fabric options you can choose like nylon, silk, satin, polyester etc. and the price of lanyards will depend on it.

Custom lanyards made of leather, PET (polyethylene terephthalate ), braided leather are also available at EnCstore.

The history of lanyards:

The first use of lanyard is still unknown for the lack of written record but it doesn’t take a scientist to understand that the use must have been for a simple day to day solution like holding a hat or a pistol.

Lanyards have been in use for centuries (dates back to 15th century, France). Yes, you heard that right but the use of lanyard those days was very different. It was probably to hold things, like pistols, swords, knives, whistles etc., closer to oneself which happens even today with identity cards and gate passes but there were some distinct uses as well.

Officers in British Royal Artillery wore a lanyard that held a key used for adjusting fuses of explosive shells.

Marlinespike, a tool used in marine rope works to untie a knot, also came with a lanyard.

Lanyard for branding and identification:

Though lanyards are a simple thing and can be used for various purposes at events and offices for various reasons that include carrying identity cards, carrying gate pass for access control, and attaching valuables, etc., at present, Lanyards have evolved into a status sign and brand identification.

It was BBC, the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1990s that made it compulsory for its employees to wear a BBC branded lanyard in order to distinguish employees from host of other professionals visiting BBC office for audio editing and other purposes, at the time of cold war.

 In terms of branding and identification, lanyards find many applications. Here are some of the points I would like to highlight in this regard:

1. Custom lanyards for brand marketing

Custom made lanyards, with brand logo and name can be a great branding and marketing tool. Many companies spend a huge amount of money for marketing and advertisements through newspaper ads, tv commercials, radio ads etc., but a simple customized lanyard can help just as good. And it wouldn’t even cost much. Businesses can issue lanyards for visitors, and have employees wear one, either way; it is an easy tool for promoting your brand.

2. Lanyards for everyone

Lanyards are simple to use and it can be used by all social-age group. Even school children carry their id card attached to a lanyard, all the time and most of them like it.

3. Lanyards for access and security

Access control and security at big offices has always been a concern. Brands can issue lanyards for employees to wear, which can help in identifying visitors and reviewing the access and access control in case of an emergency. As a security measure, it is very helpful.

Customized, color coded lanyards can also be issued to visitors and contributors as well.

4. Lanyards for unity

In a sea of people a simple lanyard can create a group of united faces. At official events, a group can stand out with its lanyards and can present a united front. Lanyards are great for bringing people together and building a sense of unity, at offices, events and gatherings.

5. Lanyard for a professional look

Customized lanyards also present an opportunity to look professional and distinct. Employees at various positions can be issued distinct lanyards that make them stand out amongst others. Color coded lanyards can be issued for this purpose.

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  • Created on Mar 24, 2023

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